People Change... (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

everyone changes some for the best others for the worse... After two years Harry Edward Styles returns back to his old High school on the lookout for revenge and one other thing or should I say person, Daniella Grace Brooks his first and only love. Will Harry get his revenge and the girl or will he lose everything.


1. chapter 1

(Dani's p.o.v)

"OMG!! Dani" my best friend squealed in my face "guess who's transfered back to our school" I stepped back from my friend and wonder who she's talking about. There aren't that many people that have moved away in our year. The only two people i can think of is Jack Townsly and Sarah Johnson and I'm pretty sure none of them are coming back because they would have told me if they were. Hmm who am i missing?

"I don't know who?" i asked knowing ill never guess. She smiled "Harry Styles!" she squealed again, with a massive grin. Wait, Harry Styles? i don't know a Harry Styles I'm sure id remember if Jenna's this excited and he's not even here yet."who is he?" I was sure confusion was written all over my face "Oh, my god! you don't remember, do you?" i raise an eyebrow waiting for her to continue "ok well do you remember that nerdy kid with glasses and brown gelled back hair. That used to follow you around like a lost puppy and he got bullied so bad that he had to move schools?"

Oh, i remember now. He had a huge crush on me. To be honest i thought he was pretty cute and funny when we talked, I would have said yes to dating him, but i couldn't. After all i had a reputation to keep and i would not lose all of my friends. So whenever he asked me out i'd reject him. The sad thing is, if i was any other person, i would have admitted my feeling for him cause i loved the dorkey personality. I thought it was adorable but i was me; a stupid, naive popular girl who cared more about her popularity than a guy. I wish i could turn back time and apologize, but i cant. Jenna hated him, making me wonder, whats so exiting about him being back again? I mean i get to say sorry now, but that's about it, and Jenna wouldn't care about that.

"oh yea i remember but why is that exciting news?" i questioned, eying Jenna skeptically. " well he's not the nerdy little rat anymore he's hot and i don't mean he's ok hot i mean he's off the charts hot" i laugh at her and she threw her arms in the air "I'm serious! Dani he's like a god now. He's lost the ugly glasses and now wears contacts and oh my gosh don't even get me started on his hair. Its just so perfect" she sighed staring into space.

Wow I've never seen her this way unless we were talking about her favourite singers,actors or crush's so she must be serious...Jenna's squeal is so loud it breaks me out of my thoughts and she looked like she was about to explode. " there he is!!" she said dreamily. I turned to see who she was looking at and when i turned i saw the most gorgeous guy walking down the hallways my eyes widened as he turned his head towards me. We made eye contact and his facial expression turned into a smirk. As he walked passed, breaking eye contact and heading into the main office to get his time table. I turned back towards Jenna to see her still in awe at the boy who just passed us.

(Harry's p.o.v)

This is it the day i go back to the place i once called hell but this times different i can feel it. I look at my self in the mirror for one last time before i go to school and then i walk out the door and climb into my black range rover and travel the 15 minute journey to school. Your probably thinking 'why would i want to go back to the place where it all happened and the reason for me changing?' Honestly i just want revenge. I want them to pay for all those years of torment they gave me.

After moving i made sure to change everything about the old me. I got rid of the big dorky glasses and started using contacts. I stopped using gel in my hair and let it dry naturally, I also started going to the gym more often were i got toned up and finally i got a lot of tattoos to top off the new look. I finally arrived at the school parked my car and climbed out i could feel everyone's eyes land on me. One by one all the girls eying me up and down like a piece of meat. All the guys watching me with jealousy, but none of them were of interest to me none of them were her.

You'd think that after all these years, id forget about her, but no i never did she still managed to creep her way into my thoughts. whether it be day or night, i still thought about her. i wonder if i can finally win her over with this new look? as i walked through the main doors i could still feel everyone's eyes on me and some girls even whispering and giggling to their friends about how hot i am, but still none of them were her. It was as i turned into the left hallway walking toward the main office that a squeal caught my attention, so i turned to see who it was and there she was still as beautiful as ever talking to her friend. She then turned to see what everyone was looking at when we made eye contact i couldn't help but smirk at her shocked expression as i broke the eye contact and walked into the main office to get my time table and locker number.

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