Two knights, one healer, and one mercenary all have one thing in common, the prophecy. Ace and Faith and Slade are thrown into the search for the one healer, said to have magic like no other. Once they all come together they find something they never expected.


1. Ace

         It was a quiet evening in the Wales Kingdom. Ace was sitting on the hill he took as his own that overlooks the beauty of his home that he chose to protect. He wore steel plate armor and a stunning sky sword , all made by the greatest blacksmith of the era, his father. His father was a sore subject for the Kingdom, for he had betrayed the King himself before vanishing from the face of existence, abandoning his son and daughter. His mother had fallen ill not long after devastating the now two orphaned children. Ace shook his mind off the shaky subject and looked at the sky. He had left his helmet in his room, showing his pure black hair that came down near his eyes and striking  grey eyes.

          Feeling as if he had been away from the castle too long, he got up let out a loud whistle. Only a second passed when he heard his trusty steed coming up the hill, answering his friend and master. The affectionate and sleek black horse stopped and nibbled at Ace’s hand looking for anything to devour. He let out a small chuckle.

“Sorry Ott, I ran out of apples. I’ll go down to the market and get some for you tomorrow. For now settle with the grass.”

Ott snorted in response making Ace smile. His big companion and sister were the only ones that could make him truly smile and laugh as if his life hasn’t completely overturned and was hardly recognizable.

He blocked out his emotions that were clearly showing when he saw one of the men-at-arms riding towards him. He patted Ott one last time and turned to the man now striding up to him, leaving his horse at the bottom of the hill. Once they reached each other the man kneeled down out of respect for Ace’s title, The Black Knight (Protector of Wales). Ace sighed, hating this part of the meetings, and signaled for him to rise and speak.

    “Sorry for the disturbance Black Knight, but King Larse has requested for you to show up at the ball to make sure nothing happens to his soon to be daughter-in-law.”

    Ace frowned. “And I had to know right away? The ball is not until at least another week.”

The guard, barely past twenty years of age, gathered his courage then spoke. “H-He sent for you because Lady Shae has arrived, and needs to speak with you before you meet her.”

    Ace shook his head, turned, and mounted Ott. “Then I will leave now.” He then put his horse in a canter and followed the man down the hill. The guard climbed onto his horse and led him down the road and through the gates into the city. They stopped before the gate that led into the castle yards. The guard by the gate smirked at the young recruit.  

    “Hello Clyde I see you brought the Black knight back in from his daily daydreaming and lollygagging.”

    Clyde turned to Ace in shock. “I-I’m sorry my lord, P-Paul didn’t m-mean that.” Ace narrowed his eyes at Paul. “If you want to say that to my face sir, then by all means. If not then shut your trap and let me pass.”

Paul, feeling uncomfortable, looked away and muttered an apology. Ace motioned for them to open the gate so he could pass. Clyde stayed back arguing with Paul over respect and discipline. Ace smirked and led his tired horse into the royal stables and walked up the stairs to the grand castle where he and Alice now lived.

The king had noticed his skill with the sword and appointed him to be the prince’s trainer. Ace wanted to decline the great honor seeming as he was only eighteen, but the king insisted. He also was friends with his father and felt a sense of sadness by the turn of events. Now Ace and his sister had a second chance. That was when he named himself the black knight. He wanted to repay the king’s kindness and protect his home.

The guard at the door bowed his head in respect and revealed the throne room to the Black Knight. Inside there was messengers and guards shuffling to their duties.  Ace nodded at those he came into contact with and went straight to the throne. It was busier now that the princess has arrived with a hundred guards. He bowed then stood awaiting his orders. The King smiled at his most loyal knight.

“Ace, as you know, Lady Shae has newly arrived with her escort. Her knights are in the barracks getting settled in. You and I both know I have many enemies, so you will make sure, with the help of her knights as well, that she will not come into harm. This is a momentous occasion so be prepared for conflict.”

Ace nodded and turned to the beautiful girl standing across the room from them. She was talking to the handsome ,and rightful heir, Prince Brom. She lit up the room with her brilliant features, her light brown hair and mesmerizing, blue eyes.

She had one knight that was against the wall watching the room with a casual stance. The knight wore steel armor with the Aliseon's crest, and carried an unusual light blue glass sword. Ace, surprised to see she was a girl, went to the knight intending to talk about lady Shae’s protection.

Once Ace was close enough, the knight fluently lashed out stopping her sword at his neck. The princess smiled and commanded her to sheathe the glass sword. The knight nodded and did what she said. The princess then turned to Ace.

“I am very sorry. Faith doesn’t like when a fully armored knight gets near me. You must be The Black Knight.”

“That would be me, my lady.” He bowed in respect.

She gave a bright smile. “Brom has told me many things about you.”

“All good things, I hope.”

The comment made the pair laugh. As they began discussing wedding plans, Ace took the moment to look at the knight who now took off her helmet. She had pure white hair, a common trait in Aliseon, and hazel eyes. It was not often when women took the oath of honor, especially here. Brom stepped in guessing what Ace was thinking.

“Ace, I need to talk to you.” He looked to his future wife and knight. “In private please.” Shae smiled and left the grand hall towards the guest rooms. Faith nodded her respect and stood where she could see, but not hear. Brom had a crease in his forehead making him look a lot older than he actually was.

“I love her Ace, so I need you to work with Faith even though she is a woman.”

Ace calmly replied. “If she took the oath then there is no problem, my prince. As long as one of us lives there will be no harm to befall the princess.”

Brom smiled and went after his fiance. Ace turned to face Faith, but was interrupted by shout of joy and was hugged from behind by a small form. Ace faced his younger sister, Alice. Seeing her made Ace smile.

“Hey Alice. What are you doing up? It’s past bedtime for you.”

Alice pouted. “But Ace I couldn’t sleep without knowing where you were.”

Faith coughed and made Ace remember the female knight. “Sorry, This is my sister, Alice. Listen I have had a long day with bandits and rogues, and I need to get her to bed. Can we do this tomorrow?”

Faith agreed then followed the trail toward princess Shae. Ace grabbed Alice’s hand and practically dragged her out of the throne room into a hallway. He then led her to the last door and unlocked it with a key that he had around his neck . Once they were both into the room Ace locked the door and closed the window that was letting a small breeze in. Alice sat on the bed watching her older brother with a smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Alice sighed. “That knight’s pretty. I think you two should get married.” She laughed as Ace’s face stared at her in horror. “Why are you always doing that?”

Alice shrugged. “ I just don’t see why can’t you settle down with a woman and be happy? You don’t have to do father’s job.”

Ace sagged into a chair beside her bed. “You need to stop worrying. I’m not anything like him.” Ace pulled the covers over Alice and kissed her on the cheek. She reached up and hugged her brother tightly. After a few seconds he broke the hug and sat back in the chair hearing her soft breathing in the night. When he was sure she was asleep then took off his armor and put it on their dresser. In his grey woolen underclothes he laid in the other bed, watching the stars until his eyes could not stay open.

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