Preparation (I Prepare Myself To Die) | Spoken Word

In a world full of tears and violence I always remember to smile. Sometimes it's hard to remain positive when everything seems to be going wrong. Every day I'm reminded that I'm a little too different to exist in a world that's already incredibly different. So I turn to spoken word poetry to help me survive because somehow it creates a movement that no one can resist.


1. Preparation

There's too many people dying.

There's too many people about to die.

There's too many people killing.

There's too many people about to kill.

There's too many people lost and there's too many people helpless.

But most of all there's too many people who will walk past a person on the edge of breaking and not even bother to help them get a grip on all of this mess.

Look up and then speak up because you never know when you might need someone to do it for you too.

Stay strong

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