If You're Smart. Prove It! (An Online Game Show, Episode 3)

Welcome, smarties, and let yourself be exposed to Episode 3!


1. Questions From Episode 2

1. What is it?

People love it

It is 9 letters

It is often dark and/or white

What is "it?"

2. What is it?

What has a head and a tail, but no body, arms, or legs?

3. Detective Doodle was looking at the dead body laying on the ground. He noticed that the man had a great collection of Greek mythology toys. He had a huge crystal statue of Zeus and the other gods and goddesses. A policeman handed the corpse's will to the detective. The will read, "I, Thomas Henson III, hereby give all of my land, and my beautiful platinum statue of Venus, to my daughter Cynthia Colette Hanson." That night, Cynthia was arrested for death and forgery. Why?

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