Say Something Gray

                                                            Say Something Gray
Say something gray is a fanfiction idea I came up with while watching a youtube video called say something Gray... Juvia is giving up on u by:marceyay12010. I have also put a made up character in this story


1. Dreams begin to come true

Normal POV:


Juvia was drying herself off with her favorite towel. It had Gray on it and said Gray-sama love. (The towel from 413 days). She had just finished getting dressed and was about to head to the guild when there was a knock on the door. 


"Juvia wonders who that is."


She slowly walked to the door and opened it.


"Oh! Gray-sama! What do you need?"


"Master sent me. He told me that I should go on a job with you." The raven haired said.


'Juvia is going on a job with Gray-sama!!!!' >\\\\\\< Juvia then started daydreaming about Gray confessing his love to her while on the job.


"Juvia... Juvia... JUVIA!!!"


"Oh what?"


"I was asking if you would be ready at noon?"


"Gomenesai. Juvia was thinking about something. Yes Juvia will be ready."


"Okay meet me at the guild."


"Alright Gray-sama Juvia will be there." Juvia shouted as Gray walked away.


Juvia shut the door and ran to her room to pack. Finally her dreams could coming true.


Gray's POV


As soon as Juvia shut the door I ran to the guild. I still had to choose a job for us to do. It had to be something with a challenge but simple. I looked at the requests hoping for one that would catch my eye. 


Actors needed for play.

Bandits on the loose.

Lost Child.

Evil wizard on the loose.


Hmm the last seems good. I grabbed the last one and looked at the time. 11:45. Juvia will be here soon. It felt strange. It sort of reminded me of a dream I once had. Could it be that dream is coming true?


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