His One His Only

Liam and his mum moved after his parents got a divorce. Liams mum went and applied for a job at a college getting immediately accepted and for Liam she enrolled him. Liam is the kids you see where you think he's innocent then you get in bed with him. Louis is the practical jock plays football (soccer) and is a bad ass in his group are also Niall Harry and Zayn. They all met through football actually and became immediate friends. Harry has had this thing for Niall. For quite a while now he had always just been afraid to tell him. Zayn has this crush for this geek. Justin is his name. Lou notices Liam. You could say Lou wants to wreck Liams innocence but only if he knew. He's not as innocent as he thinks.


1. Before You Read

Hey guys I don't do this normally but there will be times where I speak Spanish or Irish and I will put like for example: Niall went over and slapped Harrys Arse (ass) I'd do something like that but before my story...

Football: Soccer

Sod off: Fuck off

Is brea liom tu: I love you

Je t'aime aussi: I love you too

Arse: Ass

A.n: Authors Note 

Bold: Text

Italics: Flashback

Okay guys I hope you like this.

- Kylee

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