Pill - Poem

I suck at swallowing pills. Halfway through gagging on a tablet pill, I got inspired to write about swallowing pills.


1. Pill

I don't like taking pills.

It supposedly makes me feel better but it does nothing but make me feel worse.


I open up 

just a bit 

enough to welcome it

and for it to explore the inside


It rolls around my tongue

and enjoys its time

an eternity passes


The taste

an unpleasant bitterness

remains for a long while



as it goes down my throat

swallowing is a pain

the pill took along with it my breath


Watery eyes

and nauseousness tickling my mouth

I have nothing but the dryness

of my lips and my throat


It's done

it dissolves in my stomach

but I know it's still present

I feel numb




Kind of reminds me of you.

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