The boy

The girl Emily is going to start in school again and she is so exited. She have a boyfriend named Damon and she live with her mom and her littlebrother David.

She loves her boyfriend all over the world and one day at school it ends bad. She find out his secret and she is so shocking when she find out he is a.... Vampire!

At the same time there is a new boy there are going to start in her class and he fall in love with her.

Is Damon and Emilys love in danger, are Emily falling in love with the new boy and do Damon want to drink Emilys blood and turn her into a vampire?


1. School start

Hi my name is Emily!

I'm 17 years old and I live with my mom and littlebrother David in London.

The summer holiday are just going to end. I hate it because I had the best summer ever with my brother.

But at the same time I just so exited to start in my school again and see my friends.

I missed them so much. Specially my BBF Emma and my boyfriend Damon.


Finally the school starts and I was so fast this morning. I walk in the bath as quickly I could.

Then I dry my hair and go into my room to take some clothes on and then in to the kitchen where my brother sat. I took some corn flakes and put some sugar on them.

Me and my brother talked a little bit and then I turn on my phone. There was a text from Damon.

He have write: "Hey Babe, I just wanna say that I come and pick you up in my car and drive you to school. So exited to see you again" Your boy Damon <3

I looked at the clock and then I go out to the bathroom. I brused my teeth and then go into my room and pack my back.

I then go out to take my shoes and take on a jacket and took the door keys and go out to my boyfriend.

When he saw me he smiles. I smil back and he get out of the car to kiss me. Our lips touch each other and then he open the car door for me and kissed me ones again.

Then he get over to his side at the car and drive out of the drive way and we drive to school.

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