FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios

FNAF boyfriend scenarios are romantic events with the cast of Five Nights At Freddys. It includes the animatronics and the security guards I haven't given Fritz a place but I may add him. BTW I have two stories and I post a chapter a week from either one I'll my wattpad before movellas.


1. Prologue

You have been wondering the streets for over 30 minutes making your way home to your apartment. You have no money, no job and if you can't come up with any cash soon, you will lose your apartment. 

'Man, I gotta find a job soon!' You thought to yourself.

You continued to walk through dark streets, when you passed the strip club near your apartments.

"Yo! Y/N!" A female voice called out.

"Oh, Hi Nina, what's up?" Nina was your neighbour that lived across the hall along with her stupid boyfriend that hits on every girl that passed by in front of him.

"Y/n this place is always open to girls who need help, so join us. It really isn't as bad as you think."

"Even if I wanted too, my dad would never let me."

"You can always wear a mask to hide your identity, but I made $200 dollars already tonight and my shift is about to start again, so how much money have you made today?" Nina finished talking to me and she walked back inside getting a few wolf whistles in the process.

'It is easy money... and I really need to pay rent... no,no, what am I thinking? I have to find a better option.'

You continued walking to your apartment, and as you opened up your mail box to find an eviction notice. 'A $220 payment is to be met by the end of the month, if residence fails to meet the months payment, the resident will be evicted on the ...' You scoffed and threw it in the trash, ill get you, your stupid money. You huffed in annoyance as pulled out the news paper and flicked to the jobs page.

'Help Wanted, the grand opening of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria $120.' Well it's close enough.
You walked up to your apartment and put the newspaper clipping of the pizzeria on your fridge so you don't forget.

You got ready for bed a usual and crashed out on your bed.

*****LE MORNING*****

You proceeded to get ready for the day. You walked into your kitchen when you saw the news clipping of the pizzeria job opening on your fridge. You picked up an apple from you fruit bowl to munch on, it as you walked out of your apartment to the pizzeria, at 10am.

You were standing out side of the pizzeria around 11am, you started walking inside confident you would get the job. The pizzeria was filled with loud joyful children. You were looking around until you saw a female server, so you walked towards her.

"Um hello? Is your boss around?" You asked. She looked at you like you were a super model, because after all you were wearing black high heels with studs, black ripped skinny jeans that hugged your curves, a black crop top singlet showing off your tight toned stomach and boobs, with a red leather jacket. You honestly looked flawless. (A/n: Like I woke up like this.) A wide smile grew on her face.

"Yes, he's in his office." She pointed across the room to a door with a sign that said 'Manager's Office'.

"Thanks." You replied. Then you headed to the manager's office. You knocked on the door.

"Come in." A voice called from the other side of the door.

"Hello, I would like to apply for your job opening." Your voice was sweet melting his heart. He looked up from his work and instantly shot up from his chair.

"Please, sit." He gestured to the seat across from his office desk.

"Now I would like to inform you that the only job available is the night watch position." He looked into your eyes.

"Fine by me." The old man basically jumped in his chair due to pure joy.

"Wonderful! I will introduce you to the day time watchers'. Luckily two of them are here."

You both walked out of the office and into the security room. You saw both day time workers sitting and talking to each other.

"Oh Boys~" The old man sung joyfully.

"Yes gramps." Both men looked up at you in awe, you had the perfect combination of cute, pretty, sexy and hot. 

"This is Y/n she will be working the night shift. Please show her how the equipment works and treat her well." He instantly looks at the man with the purple hair.

"Especially you Vincent." He walks out of the room and left you with the slobbering boys.

"Jeeze, you act like you haven't seen a girl in 20 years." You started to giggle.

"Not one like you." The man with the black hair and blue eyes looked at you. "I'm Mike." You shook his hand.

"And I'm Vincent, we never had a female guard before so..." Vincent trailed off, before you traced his glance back down to your boobs. You followed Mike's gaze to the same place.

"Okay, first warning, if you keep staring at my boobs I will back hand you." You said bluntly. Vincent cracked up laughing.

"Touche, out of all the crap jobs why you pick this one?" Mike asked.

"Well it was either this or become a stripper."

"Well you chose wrong, you could've made thousands with those looks." Vincent stroked your cheek.

"Uhh Thanks." You blushed, slightly embarrassed. 

"Okay I'm off, see you tomorrow." Vincent smirked and winked at you. Hypnotized, by his actions, you looked in his direction, a little after he left, Mike stood up.

"Okay, now that prince charming is out of the way, how about i'll introduce you to the animatronics." You nodded and followed Mike into the hall making his way to the stage. The animatronics were roaming around they are talking and taking pictures with the kids.

"This is Bonnie." He pointed to the purple bunny. You waved to Bonnie and he waved back, you blushed at his actions. "That's Chica." You two waved to each other. "And that's Freddy." You looked at the brown bear.

"Hello and welcome." Freddy leaned down and kissed your hand. You laughed quietly at Freddy.

"What's in there?" You pointed to the purple curtain with the stars on it. 

"Oh, that's nobody, just Foxy." Mike said coldly.

Mike noticed the animatronics angry expression, and he glanced down to your face, as you had a sad expression.

"What's wrong with Foxy?" Mike explained about the bite of 87' you were shocked, but then you slowly nodded. You both walked back into the office and Mike explained how the equipment worked, he told you a person would ring you and give you further instructions.

After Mike's final instructions of what to do for the night shift, you went home to rest up for your job tonight. When you arrived home you body slammed into the bed and fell asleep. 

Hey I'm City_Bratzs I also write Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios you can check it out if you want but I do warn you, its incomplete and its structure is all over the place. Anyway welcome to the Bratzs family. Also Liked to say the next chapter is -First Night- it's almost done so I'll post it soon, maybe by tomorrow. The characters available are...

Golden Freddy 
Mike Schmidt 
Vincent (P.G)
Jeremy Fritzgrald
Fritz Smith

Later Cuties


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