Can Terminators feel love?

This is a story about Terminators, obviously. A story whether a Terminator can fall in love, how one terminates numerous other Terminators sent to terminate him, and the Connor family from Judgement Day taking a required vacation in Britain for a year without Skynet really knowing where they are. This also takes place in a Alternate Universe where a majority of events happened in different years. This story happens in 2015 where John Connor is 11 years old and Sarah Connor is 29. One year since Judgement Day was averted.


1. Can Terminators feel emotions?

...May 25th...2015...

...Indiana, Pureville....

"Uncle Bob," John said. "Can Terminators feel emotions?"

Uncle Bob, being a reprogrammed T-800, is driving a truck from Pureville middle school. John  had  been in fifth grade when summer had arrived and school had closed. Uncle Bob processed how to reply to John in a seemingly simple English way. Uncle Bob takes a halt at the stop light with one boot on the break.

"I am not sure," Uncle Bob said.

John raises his brows.

"So there is no files about Terminator having emotions?" John asks.

"Terminators having emotions is a distraction," Uncle Bob said.

"What about turtles being upside down?" John asks.

"They must be put back on their feet,"  Uncle Bob said.

"So you have to have a sense to help animals, too," John said.

"It is in my programming," Uncle Bob said,then  he saw a sack right in the middle of the road moving and tumbling. It is a small moving brown bag making unusual sounds to that of an animal.  "Such as this scene."

Uncle Bob puts the truck in park mode,unbuckles himself, then gets out of the truck. Uncle Bob walks over to the sack sat in the middle of the street. This of course baffled many of the drivers about to go so they had to stay right where they were at since the law says a person can't drive when someone is in the way and it can ruin their vehicle as well. John, unlike many, is intrigued.

"Hey!" A driver shouts. "Out of the way, lunatic!"

"Chill out,pal," Uncle Bob said, repeating a phrase he heard from the television while picking up the big sack.

John lowers himself down out of eye view as people are honking and full attention is on Uncle Bob.  People honk at Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob gets back to the truck, opens the drivers side door, tosses the brown bag to John, gets in, buckles up,and shuts the driver side door.  John's eyes went wide while opening the bag up where sounds of mewing originates.

"Uncle Bob!" John said, as a calico kitten came out mewing.

"It is wrong to run over kittens," Uncle Bob said, taking the truck out of park.

Even more kittens come out!

"Let me guess," John said, among the meowing of the kittens. "It is in your programming."

"Affirmative," Uncle Bob said.

John grins as the calico kitten climbs up his shoulder.

"You owe me two bucks," John said.

Uncle Bob has a thing going on with John. This thing involves paying John whenever Uncle Bob says something being cyborg related in public such as 'affirmative'.  Uncle  Bob has been doing pretty well so far by making it a major note in his dashboard after having to pay $20 to John one month. What is Uncle Bob's job? A bank security guard in the morning shift. Though Sarah has been using her hacking to get other funds to stay afloat from other accounts.

"I do not," Uncle Bob said.

"Do too!"John said. "No one says affirmative these days. Only robots in movies do!"

"Are you saying we are in a movie?" Uncle Bob asks, raising a brow towards John.

"No,"  John said. "It is just you are the only guy in the world who says 'affirmative'."

"I heard a woman say affirmative," Uncle Bob said.

"...That was from a movie, Uncle Bob," John said, shaking his head.

"No," Uncle Bob said, with his best smile with his head turned towards John. "She is real."

"You need some work on that smile," John said, as Uncle Bob takes a turn to the right. "What is her name?"

"Hannah Snickens," Uncle Bob said, turning his attention back on the road. "She is my co-worker. Hannah likes the color red."

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