"Throw me into a pack of wolves and I will return leading the pack."


1. Wolves

"I'll decorate you with wounds and paint you red.

Take away those you love you,

and fill you with dread.

I'll shatter your world,

piece by piece.

When you think you see the light,

I'll blind you with grief.

Every breath you take,

every move you make.

Will ace,

and you'll finally break."


"Decorate me with wounds?,

I'll heal right away.

Paint me red?

It's my favorite color anyway.

Steal my loved ones,

and they'll come right back.

Fill me with dread?

Don't make me laugh!

Shatter my world,

I'll build a new system.

Blind me from light,

and I'll listen for it's rhythm.

When you think you have me,

right in the palm of your hand.

That's when I'll fight the hardest,

'cause that's who I am.


So don't forget,

'Throw me to wolves,

and I will return the leader'. "


And on that day,

when I challenged Life,

I also became it's reaper.

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