Can I be normal?

Jack Damon is just a ordinary guy that goes to school every day, and still manage to be a bit of a bad boy. Sarah Hegs is his ex that wants him so badly back. But Jack has the secret that his parents and most of people around him, will not like.


1. An ordinary day

Jacks view:

"JACK!!! TIME TO WAKE UP". It was Monday morning and my mom woke me up as she does every single day. And I knew exactly what the clock was; 5:30AM and my school started at 8:30AM. And I never in my 17 years understood why I should up that early when I only have to shower, get dressed, breakfast and pack my bag. And my school is about 15 minutes walk.

My parents won't give me or let me buy a car because they think that it is bad for the envirement, so that means that they don't have a car either. My parents are very special. They have a lot of money, but give them to charity, even though we got most of what we need; a big house, nice furniture and stuff. Plus they want me to be perfect, and that doesn't work for me. At all.

I meet my buddies at the door into the school. There is Joe, the player. Luke, the smart one. Caspar the funny one and me, the kinda bad boy even though together we were really bad.

Every teacher on this hated us and the only reason we still were at this school were only because my dad payed for all of us.

And just when Joe was telling about his night with this super hot girl, I hear the voice that I never seem to escape of.

"Hey there sexy boy" Sarah Hegs, my ex, said with the most sexiest voice she could make. I shook my head in disaapointment.

I dated her a few months ago, but broke up with her because of some personal problems that did I couldn't date her anymore. I didn't explain to her the real reason, and that's why she is chasing me, flirting with me, touching me as much as she can, and try to contact me all the time.

As she walked by she grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze. That was usual so I just ignores her, even though she was a breathtaking woman, really beautiful.

The day flew away, as usual, and me and by friends did what we always do; make school a living hell for the teachers. And it was fun, we only had one rule when we teased people - we NEVER, and I mean it, we NEVER tease the students 'cause that would seem like we were bullying which we were not!

So when school was over, we all hung out at my place since they liked it. The house was big, the yard was big, and we had it all t ourself for hours.

My parents always got home around 10PM so I had to cook, and clean like it was my own house. Thy were never, and I mean never home, not even in the weekend. They worked all the time, but I was fine by that.

Joe had to bring a girl so he could bang her tonight. He had lost his virginity a long time ago, and since then, he's been playing with girls.

Caspar, Luke and I hadn't lost our virginity, but Caspar had a girlfriend, and they had been talking about it. Even though Luke always has been a little shy, he had opened up these few months, and told that he was sexting with one of Sarah's friend, that I introduced him to.

And me? My parents were annoying and never home, no one to talk dirty with, I was doing really bad in school. So my life pretty much sucked. The only thing that was good in my life, were my friends.

When they left, I hurried up on my room, grabbed my laptop and went to Safari. I searched: "Apartments in America" when my sister, who is 2 years older than me, interrupts."What are you doing", i could tell from The way she asked that she was bored."Nothing", I said quickly. I hadn't told anyone about that I wanted to fly from this shithole of London to America to live there.

She jumped on top my bed beside me and saw what I searched for."You wanna live in America?!" She said with a high, and loud voice."Yeah I don't want to live in this fucking hole anymore", I told her. She just looked at me and shook her head. She was my best friend, my sister. And there was something I had to tell her, tell everyone."Katherine?" I said."Yeah, Jack?", she looked at me. I couldn't say it."Don't tell mom and dad, okay?" I hoped that she wouldn't."Don't worry" she smiled.

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