From A Nerd To Popular

Meet Brianna Alexa Santos an 18 year old nerd who are a neighbor and close friends with the 18 year old world famous pop star Justin Bieber. What happens when the both of them are writing a song together to a school project? Or on the other hand when Justin Bieber helps to transform Brianna from a nerd to popular, read and found out.


1. The project

For generations of high scholar’s u could only be a jock, a geek, a princess, a bully or a basket case but time have changed, jocks now play video games, Princess is out in a depression and geeks basically run the country. 

I thought that we were living in a brave new world, a place without libels but every so often there’s that one moment in high school that changes your perspective in everything and for me it happens senior year about a month before homecoming.

Here I was, talking with my best friend Aria when the popular girl came and approved us. Meet Madison Morgan as if she will tell you herself she is the hottest girl in school, even the geek ass wanna date her, she was walking over to us when she bumbt into someone “watch were u r going nerd ” she said to the person and threw the persons stuff,  so ya she was a bitch. Are we friends with her well we are fake friends - the reason why we are fake friends with her is because my parents are rich and because her parents and mine are friends so ya that’s the reason “hey gurls so as u heard I’m making a party and u are as usual invited” she smiled a fake smile and gave us invitations “hope u can come, see ya” she said as she turned around and walked away “we are so going right” said Aria and looked at me with her puppet eyes, “ya sure what ever” I said.

As I was getting what I needed for math class, I heard noises  “Whoa, ahh, good one Biebs” Jesus, You know these people you grow up with maybe you took bath with them when you were little but now they just annoy the shit out of you? ya well I give you Justin Drew Bieber the football captain and the famous Justin Bieber, ya as u heard the famous Justin Bieber goes in my school he took a year of to graduate so ya, "hey neighbor" he said and smirked "Justin" I said and gave him a tired smile, I was so tired cuz I didn’t really get any sleep at night "I saw you were watching the step up marathon movies last night" he said as he looked at me "were you spying  on me " I asked as I raised my right eyebrow and smirked “a) don't leave your curtness open and 2 it's kind of hard not to watch a bunch of people dancing like their life was depended on them " he said, I just gave  him a real smile this time, I mean ya he was famous but I did know him since we were little like literally since we were little “so u coming tonight” he asked “who wants to know" "the only man in your life" "hmm Justin you wouldn’t be in my life if you were the only man left on the planet" "ohhh stick and stones B speaking of stones rock hard abs " he said as he lifted his shirt, like OMG! Have you seen those abs me likes ;) "no no no " I said, I could hear people whispered here and there, every person in this school wanted to fuck justin or be him, his hot ya and his famous, but I’m not like those people btw they all knew that me and him are close "touch em " "no no one wants that " I lied  " grace em " he said, "hey babe there you are" as we speak the devil came and kissed Justin, and no not a normal kiss but a kiss that looked like they were eating each other,  Justin and Madison were known around the school as the relationship strobe light on again and off again a thousand times. After what felt like forever I gave a fake cough "Brianna hehe oh ehm this is awkward, sry ehm I couldn’t help but notice, were u hitting on my EX-boyfriend"  she said as she turned to face Justin and then faced me again “no no trust me I was just taking some stuff out of my locker when he just came” “totally I agree cuz that could never happen” she said, she faced Justin again and said “I know u miss me” and with that she walked away “it’s a healthy thing u got going” I said “later B” he said and walked away and with that the bell ring and I walked over to the math class and as I was walking I looked around too find my bff snuggling with her boyfriend so I just left them alone and walked over to my class room.

“Remember to make your homework everyone!” Miss Mangoromy yelled and with that we all rushed over to your next class, I had music and Aria had art so I was all alone or I had Justin so it aren’t all that bad. I was sitting in the class and was waiting along with other students, I was sitting with my phone and went on different apps and as I was watching a video on fb I could see out of my eye hook that someone sat beside me so as a habit I looked beside me, the person who chooses to sit beside me is the one and only Justin Bieber, he just smiled at me so I smiled back “sup B” Justin said with a smile, as u can hear one of my nicknames is B so just to make it all funny I replied “Not so much B ” and winked at him he just laughed while he was shaking his head “u know u still didn’t replied at my question” I looked at him “what question Biebs” I asked “if u are coming to the party” he replied “well yes I’m coming to the party” I just replied to his question and with that the teacher came in “okay everybody today we are going to work 2 and 2 for a music project, u have 4 weeks from now on at the assembly, and in the end u have to present your work u can either write a song or sing a cover – BUT! If your going to sing a cover you’ve it got to be perfect” yelled Mr. White he just continued “you are going to work with your partner beside you” he finished and with that me and Justin looked at each other and smiled “okay you can just begging if you want to you can go home cuz as I know this is your last class, I’m I right?” he asked, we just nodded so he nodded too and with that me and Justin just looked at each other and gave each other the ‘we are working home’ look so we just took our stuff and walked out of the classroom and towards the input.    


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