Fiery Hot Romance (Zuko X OC)

A servant girl who bends pink lightning, a misunderstood prince who bends fire. They are both childhood friends, but he has forgotten and she still remembers. Can he win her heart or will he die trying? Read to find out. . .


1. Prologe

~~Name: Shayla Tides

Age: 13-15

Looks: Long blood red hair, green eyes, wears lots of leather.

Personality: She's practically a female Zuko XD

Bends: Hot pink lightning, air, and fire

A little about her: She's traveling with the avatar and is the avatars protector but doesn't know it. Has a grudge against Sokka, and Sokka hates her. She and him fight a lot and when Zuko comes along... that's not exactly good.  She's also Zuko's childhood friend (but they fight a lot) She was technically part of the royal family and her and Azula get along really well. She was part of the fire nation too her parents died from some earth benders. (they were fire benders too XD but she's not just a fire bender she just looked like one.

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