To love or not to love

Eliza Maire Santoya finally gets to meet her fav band: 5 Seconds of Summer. However, Luke starts falling for her and she starts falling for him.
Luke's manager finds out and all he'll breaks loose.
They have one question to answer to themselves: To love or not to love


1. Chapter 1

Eliza's POV

I wake up with excitement in my mind. Today is the day I get to meet my favorite band: 5SOS!!!

I decide to wear my 5sos shirt(I'm going to their concert so why not?!) and some really cute skinny jeans with holes and my really cute Sperrys that I love oh so very much.

As I'm getting my purse, I hear a knock at my door. (I live alone because my mom and dad divorced and they decided that since I am eighteen I could live in my own.)

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Jessica!!!"

Guess it's time for that concert!!!!

"Come in."

She walks in and sees my outfit.

"Sweetie, that outfit is perfect for tonight!!!!"

"Thanks. I decided that this is the best way to look cute and look like I more than love 5sos."

"It's perfect."

We decide to go to Starbucks and get something to drink. I order a s'mores Frappicino and she gets a peppermint mocha.

Tonight is gonna be the best night of our lives. We get to see 5sos perform live.



"I have a huge surprise that I thought would be better to reveal at the concert but I'm getting tired of having to wait to share the excitement."

"Yeah, what is it?"

This girl always has something up her sleeve. Whether it's a surprise or a trick, she always has one.

"Well... You know how we are only going to see them right?"


"Well, I got backstage passes for us!!!!"

What?! Backstage passes?! That is amazing!!!

"Thank you thank you!!! I love you sooo much!!!"

"Love you too BFF."

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