the tutor H.S

Hayley is harry styles neighbour they don't talk because he think she's a nerd but anne harry's mum is Hayley's mum bestfriend. Anne asks Hayley too tutor harry nobody but her mum knows she has her arms filled with tatooes and has a belly button pearicing but when her and harry start hanging out he finds out they are just alike. follow the bad boy and the innocent girl but not so inoocent on their rollercoaster of love.



"hales" anne said as i opened the door i shut the door after she came in along with her son the one and only harry styles "i'll just call my mum one sec" i said about too run up the stairs before she called out and said wait i turned around and looked at her confused "actually i wanted too ask you can you tutor harry" she asked "what?!?" i asked scared she nodded "of course for you anne" i said and hugged her glaring at harry as he had a disgusted look on his face "great can you start tomorrow you know the soon the better" she said cheerfully i nodded and showed them out the house i went up into my bedroom and got into the covers and fell asleep.


i woked up too the alarm clock that is right beside my bed i shut it off and grabbed me a over size brown sweater and some shorts and some cowboy boot before hopping in the shower i washed my body and hair  and put a fish tail braid in my hair i put my glasses on and looked into the mirror i smiled showing my deep deep dimples and my black braces and i looked at my blue eyes and black hair that come too my hips i grabbed my phone and contacts and packed a white crop top and black skinny jeans and my black and white high topped nikes i stuffed them into my bag and grabbed my phone and headed out the door i grabbed some toast and said goodbye too my brother keith mum was at work and dad was in the army unfortuantly i was here with this idiot 'KEYS!!" i yelled at him he shoved me the keys too the range rover and i left.

i pulled into the school and parked my car i got out and recieved a glare from harry but his friends smiled at me i put my middle-finger up at harry and sticked out my tounge he rolled his eyes 'when' he mouth 'fuck off styles" i said and continued too walk too class i got there and was greeted by my friend Minnie her real name is michelle i perfered calling her mickey but she said she liked minnie better she said micky has huge ears and she likes minnie bows. i hugged her and i felt a shove i turned out too see harry "immature" he smirked then bowed "i try ms.jackson" i rolled my eyes and continued too walk too class when zayn attacked me into a kiss on the cheek "hales" zayn said "zaynie poo" no we are not dating we are just really close i looked over at harry too see him glaring at zayn i walked over too louis "loubear" i jumped into his arms that were prepared for me i hugged liam and kissed his cheek and then came niall we use too date actually niall kissed my forehead "hey boo" he said in his best girl voice "hey girlfriend" i replied the 4 of us whipped our hair well i did while the boys acted as they had hair and we all said "stop it" in unison i turned too harry and he had his arms open i hugged him quickly and left pulling minnie along "i have too  tutor harry after school" i said before she invite me too some party she knows my secret off my tatooes and i don't give a hell i got them when i was drunk.


the rest of the day ended and i walked too my car avoiding harry but he was right there with the boys i groaned and pulled my self over there "what harold what?" i asked "can i ride with you please i'm going too harrys" niall said rapping his arms around my shoulder and pecking my cheek "sure" we hopped into the truck and i turned on the radio and we started too follow harry and the boys. Once we got there and got out i asked too go too the bathroom harry gave me the directions too the bathroom i nodded and walked in and i changed into the sleeveless crop top that showed all my tatooes and my belly rings that said 'B0$$' i slipped into my jeans and put my nikes on them i let my hair fall down too my hips but i put it half up and half down i grabbed my phone and i got a text from minnie that said be safe i walked into harry room and heard harry talking but soon stop i looked up biting my lip like always and all eyes were on my and they're mouths was open a little  they never saw me in these kind of close or saw my tatooes or belly ring but oh well i grabbed the book and walked over too harry ignoring they're stares "stop staring at me as if i'm a peaice of meet" i said not looking up from the screen "so-" harry started off but his voice was sqeaky i looked up and bit my lip harry's eyes looked at my lip then at my eyes then my phone ranged i read the caller id and it said "Mickey Mouse" also known as michelle i fell back on the bed and answered it "what?" i answered the boys staring at my belly button ring as i played with it and bit my lip "i'm not going to makeout with harry and video tape it minnie" i said then hung up i sat up and changed my phone case that said ' BITCH PLEASE'  i smiled too my self cause my dad gave it too me i looked up at everyone too see them staring at me still "WHAT THE FUCK WHY THE HELL DO YALL NIGGAS KEEP STARING AT ME!!" i screamed at them they all snapped back into reality but they were stuttering "CAUSE YOUR FUCKING HOT I WANT YOU SO BAD NOW" zayn shouted i rolled my eyes and got up "were you going?" liam asked "to get some water and yall fucking pigs better snap out of your little gaze once i get back i walked out when louis shouted "NICE ASS" i put my middle finger up and kept walking i got some water then i drunk it i noticed i lost my lip ring but i had my tounge ring in my mouth i digged in my pockets and found it slipping it on. i might as well give the boys a tease i took my hair out and but it in a bun then walk up stair i walked in and all heads snapped my way i sat on nialls lap he was just frozen i got up and went too sit on zayns lap when he let out a moan while all the eyes stared at me i wiggled my butt on his lap before getting up and sat on liams laps and started bouncing up and down he started moaning and i laughed  and got too louis i did the same too him before going to harry his chest against my chest as i pushed him too lie down i climbed over top off him his eyes never leaving my when  felt his hands squeeze my butt i starts kissing on his neck and then his jawline making my way up too his ear "not today sexy" i whispered i got up and grabbed my things and left on the way out i noticed all the boys had a boner i stopped at the door and turned around and winked before leaving the room and smirking as they all moaned like crazy i laughed as i walked out the house before i heard "DON'T TOUCH HER I WANT HER GOT THAT" harry yelled i laughed then heard the boys said "okay" i went too my car and looked up at harry in the window and blew a kiss before hopping in and driving my car into the back of the driveway i went into the house did my homework ate and went to sleep.

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