Angel of Death

The next victim was found in the back ally of the famous XOYO in London. Found with his mouth agape and wide lifeless black eyes; face sent in a scream. Stomach sliced open with such care, that it seemed like the murder took time in cutting him open and removing his organs. Each of the organs that have been removed has been replace with, what looked like candy, clothed with blood, the only untouched part of the organs that has not have been placed with sugar candy was a single Marigold placed where his heart should have been. But no one in their right mind would have thought that all this work has been produced by high school girl that excels in the subject of arts. Not from this world, she has been appointed in taking out the trash, the unwanted souls that shouldn't be there. Then a request came in; asked her if she could murder the Archangel Michael, the highest ranking angel that exists in heaven. Now only a fool would ask such a thing and only a mad woman would grant such a wish.


1. The Fall

As the snow fell, so did the angel. She plummeted to the ground with such speed, that it seemed as though she was not going to survive.

Her glorious red hair blew all around her, creating red waves encompassing her falling figure. Wind whipped her face, invisibly slicing away the wrath that she sent above. 

She stretched out one slender arm towards the sky, fingers spread wide apart, silently cursing the smirking seraphs who sat at the circular table, that completes the council of heaven. Those bastards. Betraying her, and making her become a fallen angel, how low.

Snow kissed her cheeks, billions of small crystals melted onto her smooth face, trailing off her like a swarm of bees trying to flee the mother hungry barn swallows, towards the ground below. Her beautiful white long dress flew around her creating sea of white that contrasted well with her hair. 

It wasn't her fault that the mission didn't go to plan, after all, the devil did make a better deal. She didn't deserve to have this punishment, she was after all an innocent messenger who was dragged into this mess because the high imperial archangel, Michael, wanted to make a deal with Satan.

After the archangel Michael found out that he had lost, and he himself couldn't face the humiliation from God, he decided to pass all the damned judgement onto the poor leper who was content with the life she was living, and now here she was, kicked out of heaven like a unimportant sloth, because they declared her name was no longer worth heavens' time.

Foolish angel, making deals with the first fallen angel that has lived, much longer than him, just doesn't work. Satan has years of knowledge and power, an archangel has no chance against him, even Michael knew that before he did what he did.

Also he was foolish to kicked her out, if only he had know what kind of power she possessed, what kind of power God had given her, if he had he would have kept her, kept her locked up in a cage, like a bird.

Five hundred foot to the ground. Well, lets make this fall count, after all, this is the only fall that she will allow herself from now on. Never again will she fall towards the ground like this, she would prefer it if they didn't hurl her out of heaven like that, she found that it rather very ungentlemanly. 

She highly understood that, negative things has to always be laced with a fate string, or otherwise your life would not be balanced, like a scale, a doctor must make sure that all herbs are measured to an exact amount, otherwise the poor soul would die because of a lethally bad mixture.

As the ground neared, she spun her body around so she was facing the fast approaching earth she spread her glorious wings, slowing down dramatically. She would not be made a fool of, not in her sixteen years would she be humiliated to her very soul. If those damned angels wanted to make a fool out of her, a public execution would be much better, although murder is forbidden in heaven, even harms way, becoming a fallen angel is their way of death, but really they had granted her her biggest wish; to be set free. 

She was only about five centimetres from the earth, so stretching out her long legs she placed her toes onto the soft earth, then slowly lowered herself fully.

She had landed in the middle of what seemed like a cluster of trees, from where she could see different shades of green, such as, fern, moss, olive, juniper, pine, pickle, basil and shamrock. Such wondrous colours that you would not see in heaven.

Cold wind lashed at her like a whip. She folded her wings around her, protecting her front side from the harsh winter winds. Her ears stared to freeze, and she swear that her nose had formed icicles. 

Little birds chirped away, singing, talking, or even mourning. One does not know. Glancing around the beautiful trees she knew she has to move. She first has to find a place to rest and then take it from there. 

Closing her eyes and snuggling deeper into her soft, warm comfy feathers, she inhaled deeply and exhaled. Rubbing her now near warm arms she spotted a small footpath that was covered with overgrown weeds; holy trees also blocked the way. She turned and spotted another root, that unlike the other one didn't have a visible path, but judging by the looks of the root she made her way towards it.

Stepping over the many rocks that lay in her path, she heard a distant noise, what seemed like music. Human and devil music; loud enough to be heard from all over the mass of wood. The music sent small vibrations along the earth, which sent small shivers upon the spine of the trees, that protected the animals that layed deep within the woods.

Following the sound she found her way to the last of the trees.

Beneath her, a city that humans have built over the years lay before her, waiting for her arrival.

Tall buildings that was made of brick and glass. Tall, wide and small architecture spread across the city, like melted butter on bread. Brilliant lights, which varied in colour, as to where you look, lighten up the city.

Stretching once again her wings that she knew she would not use in awhile, she soared towards the buildings that await her.

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