New Alliance

My next album, following my Personal Effects album that I wrote three months ago (some of the songs from that are in my Greatest Lyrics movella). This is the new and improved Sam H-B lyric work (or at least it should be...) Any feedback would be great.


1. New Alliance

[Verse 1]

Burning the smoke, a new fire

Emblem of eternity goes up higher

Dying hope, we expire

Carrying each other on the deadly wire

Drop to the floor, ‘cause you tire

Your burning heart ain’t made for defiance

Fighting a war, with no messiah

Welcome to the city of the NEW ALLIANCE



A new hope, a new life

New ways to energize our fight

New leaders, new lord

Riding out under the honour of war



NEW ALLIANCE kills the evil

NEW ALLIANCE sets you free

NEW ALLIANCE takes the demons

NEW ALLIANCE come to save me


[Verse 2]

Look to the sun, for our light

The terrors only come in the dark of the night

Stars in the sky, they burn bright

Like the flags we wave as we charge into the fight

Symbol of victory, so high

Heaven waits for us the moment we die

Sinners and saints, side by side

Fight against the evil with our new allies


[Bridge 2]

A new war, a new god

A new meaning we’re taking on

A new chance, to dream on

Battle cry screaming as we’re riding along


[Chorus] x2


NEW ALLIANCE - gods of war

NEW ALLIANCE - we’re gods of war

NEW ALLIANCE - gods of war

NEW ALLIANCE - we’re gods of war


[Bridge 3]

A new glory, a new hope

A new horseman rides from the smoke

Change history, free the world

Fires burn out – ash across the earth


[Chorus] x2

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