your all that matters to me

Ashton just moved to Australia Sydney and had to start all over he made new friends and is in a new band but what will happen when he falls for his band mates sister. Will he come through or act like there no feelings at all.


1. Moving Day

Ash hurry up or we going to be late for our flight. I heard my mom said it was the day I was moving to Australia. I'm pretty excited about moving to Australia because I can careless about this place. When I was little my dad left me,Lauryn and harry. Not that it matters what matters is that he never sent his own kids letters or come see us so what the point of still loving this place. I pack up the last box and went in the car on the way to the airport I was listening to a love like war by all time low which is one of my favorite bands. We arrived at the airport and. I fell asleep.
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