What Do Your Dreams Mean?

If you comment what your dream was (form in the book) I will tell you the deeper meaning. Have fun!


1. Form

Please fill out this form to help me determine the meaning.

Approx times: 

Nightmare or Dream? (ie did you wake up scared, was there a reason for waking up like needing the loo):


Particular Colours (those which you still remember stood out to you):



Objects/Items of Interest:

Location (s):

Summary of Dream:

Was it a series dream? (have you had a similar dream before?):



Kate xxx



Approx times: 10.00pm to 2.00am

Nightmare or Dream?: Nightmare. No reason for waking other than fear.

Themes: Creepy Dolls, Searching.

Particular Colours : White, Red, Black, Grey

Feeling/Atmosphere: Terror and Confusion

Characters: A shadowy figure, a scary girl named Charlotte, creepy doll.

Objects/Items of Interest: wall of china dolls, a white microwave 

POV: My own body

Location (s): a kitchen and a dark hallway

Summary of Dream: Started out in kitchen; shadowy figure crying and shouting "Charlotte! Charlotte!"; I kept going to this white microwave but the kitchen was red; suddenly a little girl named Charlotte (idk how I knew her name, I just did) comes out but she is in grey rather than colour. Creepy, alive doll comes and its eyes are glowing red; I notice wall of china dolls; I run away into the corridor and they chase me; I WAKE UP.

Was it a series dream?: No.



A shadowy figure in your dream suggests you are worried about what might happen. The fact that it is searching for a little girl could be that you are worried you are losing your innocence and childhood. "Charlotte" is probably your own name for your childlike side, and you are frightened of losing that, as she is grey, it means isolation and sadness.. A microwave in your dream indicates that you have a desire to change things radically, destroy what you have now in a hope for something better. A microwave is a negative indicator of you personal happiness, prophesying  stress or depression to come, and may even show a harmful willingness to behave out of character. Because it is white, this means you want to hide that fact. The "scary" doll may show that you are having feelings of emptiness and an inability to express yourself properly. The doll is a representation of how you see yourself portrayed to others in life, and you do not feel genuine about your actions, nor safe in communicating your true self to others around you. This is a warning sign to stop detaching yourself from those close to you and to start showing them who you really are, as well as ceasing to play a role. As you are being chased by this, you must already feel the need to get away from this, as well as being chased down a dark corridor means  you are unsure of what might come in life and you may feel trapped. As for the colours, red means you feel like you need to be more active and it is a warning, and black can signify the unknown. Grey means uncertainty, isolation, depression and detactchment. White can be the colour of mourning, and also cover up.

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