Love and Lies

They say that everyone who looks into their family history will be revealed to a secret sooner or later. Secrets can never last a lifetime. No matter what you do to keep them buried six feet under. They'll always come out.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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1. Chapter 1

Love and Lies

They say that everyone who looks into their family history will be revealed to a secret sooner or later. Secrets can never last a lifetime. No matter what you do to keep them buried six feet under. They'll always come out.

Isadora's Point of View

The gusty wind blew softly through my brunette hair. I was on my way home from my neighborhood's community pool. I had been swimming when Mother Nature decided that she wanted it to rain. Usually on sunny, July days like this one, I would be upset about the sudden change in weather but, the sun had already begun setting and the pool would have closed fifteen minutes after I had left.

Being sure to look left and right before I crossed the street, I quickly made my way to the other side.

The street light in front of the Wilkerson's house flickered and then finally came on. Soon after, the rest of the street lights on Crowne Place turned on.

As I made my way down the sidewalk, a gust of wind blew over my body which caused me to shiver.

I only had a damp beach towel, black flip flops from Old Navy, and a Victoria Secret two piece bathing suit to cover my olive skin.

I quickly pulled the towel tighter around my body and turned the corner of Crowne Place, now on Crowne Circle, and made my way to my dark, red-toned brick house. It was the fourth house on Crowne Circle. There were seven houses on my street.

Just as I was getting our spare key from under the empty flower pot, the front door opened with a loud creak.

I mumbled a quick thank you to Danielle as I made my way into the cool house.

Dropping my damp towel by the closed front door before slipping my wet flip flops off, I ran upstairs to take a hot shower.

Once upstairs, I slowly opened my bedroom door to find my room was exactly how I left it.

My bedroom walls were painted a powder purple color, along with my bedroom door and the door to my walk in closet. Light from the street lights outside filtered into the room from the large window which faced the driveway below. A bench was built into the wall underneath the window, but was dusty from being unutilized.

As I made my way over to my dresser, that sat in front of my bed, against the wall, I kicked up some dust which caused me to cough loudly. I really need to sweep and dust in here.

Once I opened my first drawer, I rummaged through it until I found a bra and sweatpants. I placed the pieces of clothing on top of my dresser, and continued to search for underwear and a comfortable shirt to sleep in. I found a tank top but, I did not see any clean underwear so, I grabbed my sleepwear and headed downstairs to the laundry room.

I grabbed some clean underwear from the clothes hamper and ran back upstairs to the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom.

I placed my clothes on the bathroom countertop and turned the shower on, and let the water run so that it would get hot. While I waited for the water to warm, I took off my bathing suit and ran my fingers though my hair, to pull out a few knots. I picked my bathing suit up off of the cool, tile floor and threw it in the dirty clothes hamper.

I tested the temperature of the water before I stepped in. My cold body shivered under the heat. After about four minutes of adjusting to the temperature, I grabbed my Brilliant Brunette Color Protecting Moisturizing Shampoo from the bathtub rack which hung from the shower head.

I squeezed a little shampoo in my hand, and begun to wash my hair.

Once my hair was soapy and I massaged my scalp to my liking, I stood under the shower head and rinsed all of the shampoo out, watching the soapy substance flow out of the bath drain.

After I rinsed my hair, I grabbed my orange, bath Loofah and squeezed some Dove body wash onto it.

I leaned against the granite wall of the shower, gasping when the cold marble touched my skin. "Gah!" I yelled, jumping away from the wall in surprise.

I should just shower and get out.

I closed my eyes as I rubbed the Loofah over my bare chest. I lifted my breast as I cleaned under them. I then cleaned my arms and then I cleaned my underarms.

I slowly trailed down my stomach and cleaned the inside of my belly button. I lifted my left foot over my right thigh, and cleaned the bottom of my foot, I did the same for the other foot. Afterwards, I cleaned my legs, my calves, and then my inner and upper thighs.

I ran a little water on the Loofah and then, I wiped my neck. I was careful enough not to rub too hard but, hard enough to get any excess dirt off of my skin.

Once I finished cleaning my neck, I took my right arm behind the right side of my shoulder and cleaned my back. I did the same with my left arm. Once I was finished cleaning my body, I rinsed out all soap from the Loofah, and then placed it back on the bath rack. Afterwards, I turned the water off and stepped out of the bathtub, and onto the red rug. I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom closet and wrapped it around my body.

I dried off, and slid my pink underwear and black sweatpants on. Once my lower body attires were on, I grabbed my deodorant from the counter top and put some on.

After I finished rubbing some of the odor protector under my arms, I placed the container back on the countertop, where I had gotten it from.

Grabbing my bra, I glanced up at the wall clock. 9:27 p.m. Quickly, I clipped my bra from the front, twisted it around to the back, pulled the straps over my shoulders, and tightened them to fit my B cup sized breast.

I picked up my pink t-shirt and pulled it over my head, before I opened the bathroom drawer, grabbed a scrunchie, and tied my dripping wet hair into a high ponytail.

Picking up my bath towel from the floor, I placed it in the hamper with my bathing suit.

After I finished in the bathroom, I turned off the light, shut the door, and headed downstairs.

Dani and Dakota were both watching the Princess and the Frog. Dylan was at football camp. My mom, Katherine, was in the kitchen working on her laptop, while my dad, Ian, was working late.

Dylan, my brother, is fifteen years old. He's the second oldest, behind me of course. Danielle and Dakota are our little sisters. Dylan had blue eyes and light blonde hair. Danielle, who in which we called Dani, is thirteen years old. She had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Dakota, the youngest, is eight years old. She had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I on the other hand, have dark brunette hair and brown eyes. Most people that don't personally know me, ask am I adopted or do I have a different mother or father.

Like this one time, when we lived in Toronto a man actually said to me "Ahhh, you're so cute. How much did they pay for you?" To which I replied "Oh, we aren't from Toronto, we don't buy people". My family just laughs at how uninformed some people can be.

The first couple of times that I was asked was I adopted, I didn't care but, after thinking it over and being asked so many times, I started to question it too.

Quietly, I made my way into the kitchen to grab a glass of warm milk. It helps me sleep at night.

I walked over to the cabinet by the refrigerator, I opened it, and took out a glass. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the half a gallon, milk jug.

I placed the glass on the counter top and unscrewed the cap to the cold jug.

While I held the cap in my non-dominant hand, I tilted the jug using my dominant hand and poured milk into the glass.

"How's your book coming along?" I asked my mother as I screwed the cap to the milk back on.

She sat properly on the bar stool and continued to type. Either she was ignoring me or, she didn't hear me.

Being quiet as possible, I opened the microwave and placed the milk filled glass inside.

I set the time for thirty seconds, and while I waited, I put the milk back inside the refrigerator.

When the microwave beeped, I took the glass out, and then closed the microwave back.

I walked over to my mother and sat down on the barstool beside her. I crossed my legs while I watched her, waiting for her to acknowledge my presence.

She shut her laptop, removed her glasses and raised an eyebrow at me. I straighten up a bit and cleared my throat, "How's your book coming along?"

"Honey, what is it that you want?" She eyed me and then shook her head while placing her glasses back on her oval shaped face.

"What makes you assume I want something?" I ask rolling my eyes at her assumption.

"I don't know, maybe because you always do." She replied back sarcastically.

Nervously, I took a sip of the warm milk before I placed the glass back on the counter.

She must've noticed the nervousness in my posture because she turned her body to face me with a look of concern, "Are you alright, sweetie?"

I quickly nodded my head. "It's just this certain thing has been on my mind for a few days, and it's bothering me."

"Talk to me sweetie. I can't help you if I don't know what's going on." she rubbed her hand up and down my arm in a comforting manner. I shrugged and began talking, "I want to take a Deoxyribonucleic Acid test."

Author's Note: This is my first Wattpad book. It is called Love and Lies if, for some odd reason you did not know that. Hopefully, if you have liked what you have read so far, don't hesitate to give Love and Lies a vote.

thanks for reading, all the love -tam

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