The Traveler: Unwritten Tales

Annette Bailey was just your normal seventeen year old girl. She live her days being invisible and crushing on the hottest guy in school, Clark. As she was in the library looking for book to entertain her self she came across a book of unwritten tales. Anne gets sucked in with her crush Clark meeting all kinds of characters. And as she discovers more about her self, she find history about her family from generations that she never known. A history of known authors.


1. One

I doodle in my notebook as Mrs. Green lectures about Macbeth. I looked up to see Clark my crush since freshmen year talk to Claire. Of course. They have been on and off for the past two years. What does he see in her? Why can't he look at me like that? 

As I stare blankly ahead at him Savannah my best friend she was blonde with pink streaks in her hair and the blast eyes you'll ever see. She is beautiful and she is a fashion diva. As for me, I have black hair that get frizzy and am a size 16. I have curves in all the right my face is plain and I am Savannah's complete opposite. As she wears high heels, I wear converses. She wear tight fitted clothes, I wear black loose clothes and a hoodie.

See the complete opposite.

Savannah nudges me to pay attention. But I can't. Claire puts her hand on his shoulder smiling up at him. He smiled back and shakes his head. What are they talking about? 

They look back and I avert my eyes not wanting to get caught. Savannah once again nudges me and I look up to see everyone is watching me. What? Did Mrs. Green ask me a question? Crap, I should have paid more attention. But yet I did read the book.

"Can you repeat that question?" I said softly.

"The meaning Miss Bailey"

"Well, it's about power and guilt and greed. Macbeth was pressured into killing the king by his wife who wanted nothing more than power. As realization dawns on them and reality hits with guilt, they become insane in their way and their lives are lost, I guess. It's a tragedy it's never a happy ending"

Mrs. Green nods "Very good. Pay attention next time"

I nod and go back to doodling. And Mrs. Green continued to talk.



​The bell rings and class is dismissed. Clark and Claire  head out. Savannah waits at the door as we start towards our next class. 

"You need to stop fawning over Clark. I mean he doesn't even know you exist."

I huffed "I am not fawning over Clark"

"You were drooling over him all throughout class"

"I was not drooling"

"Keep telling yourself that"

"I have you know, I was paying very much attention during class"

"Right. You're lucky you read the book or Mrs. Green would have a field day"

"Books are my life" I said smiling at her

We headed towards our next class. The gym. We went to our lockers and changed in our gym clothes. 

"So, Brent is coming home from college and I thought we can go and do something"

Brent was Savannah's brother. When we were kids we'd always got ourselves into trouble. Well Savannah and Brent did, I just came along to talk show sense into them. Which always result to never listening.

Why most I always be the reasonable one?

"Sounds like trouble" I said

"Oh come on, it won't be that bad. And besides were just probably find go to the movies"


When we finished dressing we headed out to the gym. Damn, it's dodge ball day. Sports and I are not friends. I am most likely to get hit with some sake of balls. I looked over where the boys are seeing Clark smiling, arms crossed. Claire sauntered over to him placing her hand on his biceps. Why can't that be me?

The coaches yelled for us to line up in place. Boys on one side girls on the other as the lines the dodge balls in the middle. Oh how is this fair? Some of these girl haven't even touched a ball. This is going to hurt.



The boys won, of course. And surprisingly I was the second to last one that stood. I tried not to get hit by the balls dodging and ducking every chance. I got hit on the face, which it's starting to throb as we make our way back to the locker room. The boys weren't playing fair.

"How's your face?" Savannah said 

I looked at her making a grumpy face and went back to dressing. 

"Wanna go shopping?" 

"Can't, I got a science project to do, remember?" 

"Right. Your no fun"

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Savannah. But if I want to get into a good college I have to work and study hard"

"What you need is a new wardrobe that why I'm offering to go shopping?"

"Maybe next time"

She pouted "Well, fine I'll go shopping with Nick anyway"

"Like he has a choice when it comes to you. He is your boyfriend"

"He'll do anything for me"

"He's a sucker"

"You bet he is"



​Lunch time came around and I stared at the popular table where Clark was sitting with the jocks and cheerleaders. I wonder how it feels to be one of them.

A tray slammed on the table and I jumped from the noise. Nick, Savannah's boyfriend sat down next to her. When it comes to Savannah and Nick hanging out I always feel like a third wheel. Everyone they invite me to hang with them I have to refuse since its weird being around them when they are googly eyed for each other. 

Why can't I have what they have?

I'm starting to sound like I'm jealous.

That's because you are jealous

And insecure

"what happen to your face?"

"Dodge ball. Does it really look that bad?"

"Eh... sort of"

"Great" I mumbled

"It's not that bad at least you weren't the first one to get hit. You were the second to last that's a big improvement" Savannah said as Nick nodded agreeing with her.

"We were up against the boys how is that fair. They should get in trouble for doing this to my face"

"It was an accident" Savannah said "boys would be boys"

"Boys would be boys my butt" I mumbled

Nick snickered 

I glanced over at Clark's table. Savannah looked over her shoulder and sigh shaking her head.

"Really. Come on, Anne. You need to get over him"

"What does she have that I don't have?"

"No brain" Nick said snickering.

I laughed "exactly"

"If you want to get him to notice you go shopping with me and we'll get you something sexy and maybe he'll notice you"

"I don't want him to notice me because I'm wearing sexy and tight clothes. I want to be myself"

"Annie, baby. In order to get a guy like that you have to accessorize. Look at me and Nick now. You honestly think he loves me for my brain"

"Don't put me in this" Nick argued

"I don't want to act like someone else. I want to be me. I want someone to love me for who I am not for what I wear"

"We love you, right Nick?"

"Yeah" he said between bits of his food. "If he doesn't like you for who you are but only for what you wear he doesn't deserve you. And you deserve better"

"Thanks, Nick, that was a nice thing to say" I said

"You do deserve better, Annette. You put others ahead of you and have good grades. If no one can see that then screw them" Savannah said

I smiled. She was right. Why am I fawning over Clark?

Because he's your soul mate 

Damn it!



I head towards the library refusing Savannah's offer to go to the mall with her and Nick. As I said I didn't want to be a third wheel. I sat in the back of the library doing my homework. A research paper about three of the elements in the periodic table. So far I've done six pages worth.

Getting up I walk towards the book shelf liking for a book to entertain me since I was done with all my homework. I hear whispering coming from the back of the book shelf, strange echoing getting louder as I walk towards it. As if something taking over my body I feel something pulling me towards the back to my destination.

I stop all the way towards the back where it is dark and deserted. And on top of the shelf in front of me is a large hard cover leather bound book that seems to be glowing.

Books don't glow.

I should step away and go back, but instead I reached for the book and slowly took it as if it was going to burn me. I slowly opened it and began to read the first paragraph. Images plagued me and I was in awe. The books energy was strong, the feel of magic in the air surrounding me with life. Amazing.


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