Darkness To Light

You never truly feel sadness until you feel happiness...


1. Danielle's Problem

"Mom, I swear, I didn't do it!" Danielle cried. Her mom glared at her with disappointment in her eyes.

"Say all you want honey, you just DO NOT KIDNAP BABIES!"

"I didn't Mom! It was Jack!" Her mom's disgusted face was all Danielle needed to see that her mom didn't believe her.

"DANIELLE JANE ADAMS, PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE THIS HOUSE! YOU ARE NO DAUGHTER OF MINE!" Her mom slapped her across the face and pushed her towards the stairs. Danielle ran up the stairs crying, and hurried to pack her biggest bag ready to leave.

As Danielle was about to leave, she noticed a glint of light behind her cupboard. She closed the door and crouched down. She pulled the cupboard out the way and peered at the item she now held on her hands. It was a picture of her and her mom and dad at the beach. They were standing in front of the sea, laughing as a wave swirled around their feet.

Tears came to her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away as she remembered what was going on. She pondered on whether to take it with her or throw it away, she did neither. Deciding that she wanted no further connection with her mother, she pulled her shoe off and pounded the thin glass frame until it broke.

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