Never to much to fight for

Young 8 year old Auzlyn Rose is forced to move in with her Mother after a horrible accident involving her father. What will happen next?


1. Moving to Sydney

Hi I'm Auzlyn Evelyn rose I'm 16 years old and have dyed hair. It's Midnight blue at the top then it fades to green. My eyes are Naturally green and I'm what you call a Good girl.

I wake up to the sound of my Aunt calling me from downstairs. I grown and get up letting the smell of Bacon ingalf it's self inside me. I ran upstairs and sat down waiting for my Aunt May to put the plate down. She finally did and I scarfed it back not leaving anything behind. I then left the table and got ready for my flight. I put on a Pink dress that went down to just above my knees and some Black heels and curled my hair. After I finished curling them I called up my friend Cielo. Cielo had been my friend since I was 6, when my dad died she was there with me crying my eyes out. Now I have to go to stupid Sydney Australia! And leave her behind. Cielo finally picked up and started telling me I was a "slut" I hung up.. And grabbed my makeup and left. My aunt grabbed her keys and ran out the door after me. I got in the car and we drove off.

~skips ride to airport~

When I got there she just dropped me off and left. No goodbyes or anything. Me and my aunt never got along her and my father hated each other vary much. And after he died she stopped talking. I walked in and showed the lady at the desk my ticket and headed to my seat. I sat at the window seat and a guy my age sat beside me, he looked sad and had scares up his arm. Hi I said to him. He didn't even smile. I decided I would stop trying and put in my earphone and jammed out to Fall out boy,blink and the 1975 by the time the plane landed I was asleep the guy beside me woke me up with a punch and left. I got up and punched him back earning a glare before he walked out. I grabbed my stuff and walked out with a smile on my face.

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