A poem I wrote, I didn't know it was one till my creative writing teacher called it one. This was my first one I ever wrote.


1. There

Why would I want to be here when I can be somewhere better?
There is the place I cannot name.
It can't be put into a cage of any title.
It's too wild and wonderful.
It's filled with specks of gold,
dancing with joy and elegance around the moon.
Flowers are bigger than life, and there's so much beauty.
There is a place with adventure and surprise.
There are sword fights with weapons that reflect your image.
There are men with eyes of amber, filled with evil,
That would love nothing more than to see the blue in your eyes disappear.
But There is a place that holds the eyes that understand and trust.
There, and only There is my friend.
That's my friend.
There holds so much more than here.
Oh boy, would you understand
if you were There.

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