1. Chapter 1

'Jess you are coming to Logan's party right?' Lena asked me.

'Yeah but I know I'm going to look terrible' I sighed.

'Oh come on, of course you aren't' Lena said.

I just kept quiet after that because every time I say I'm going to look ugly or fat or something people just tell me that I'm going to look good and that I'm really pretty. I'm tired of people telling me that because it's obviously a lie. I'm far from pretty and I could do with losing a little weight. The problem is I like junk food too much and I don't have much willpower to start eating healthier. Another reason why I enjoy food so much is because it's about the only thing that makes me happy, other than my cat Izzy anyway. That cat is like my best friend.

When I got home from school I went straight online and tried to pick out something to wear to Logan's party. Logan's parents are very wealthy and every year for his birthday they let him have a party. Although they have a lot of money Logan is the most down to earth boy I've met. He's also my best friend. I scroll down the page on my computer and a dress catches my eye. It's a straight cut dress and it's knee length so it should cover all of my less flattering features (I.e hips, stomach and thighs). It was a deep purple colour and it looked really nice. I just hoped I could pull it off. I decided to take a photo of the dress and send it to Lena to see what she thought.

'Hey what do you think of this dress for the party?'

'Ooh I love it, you'll look great'

Although I knew Lena must have been lying so she didn't hurt my feelings I still felt a little happy and excited and I ordered the dress. Now all I had to do was wait until Saturday night and maybe I'd transform from the ugly duckling into a beautiful and elegant swan.

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