A small poem I wrote thinking of the rain


1. Rain

~~A drop of water
Makes a small puddle,
Then sliding down
Like a river.
More and more
comes falling down from the grey clouds.
I roll the window to the car down,
Just enough that I can feel the rain
And what’s in the rain,
On my hands.
Life is in the rain.
All pouring down
Onto my fingertips.
I feel the love

and the sorrow,

and the anger,
All pouring down.
Life is being placed in my hands.
The wind shield now looks like a waterfall,
Falling down onto the glass.
The weight of everything,
 good and bad,
dripping down.
I take my hand covered with the world
And gently touch my face.
The wet, raw emotion
Gliding down my cheeks and neck.
Rubbing it on my lips
As a soft kiss from the one I love.
I place a hand on the door and open it.
My feet fall into an ocean of a cool embrace.
My hair gliding down my back.
Water falls on my closed eyelids
As I raise my head,
Letting each blast of life
Trickle down my chin and neck.
I stand there in utter pleasure.
Noticing and feeling the world
That I was put in.
My shoulders and back 
Feeling loving kisses trail down.
I open my eyes knowing
 That I am falling in love with rain.
I’m falling in love with the emotion,
And the love,
And the hate,
And the sorrow.
I’m falling in love with life and what it gives.
The wind blows and I feel that it too,
Loves me.

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