You're Not Yourself...

Two unsuspecting friends find out that they aren't what they think, but something beyond their wildest beliefs.


1. The Discovery

"K Mom, I gotta go to school. Bye!" I shout as I get on my bike. I'm Tanner. I'm 15 and going into my sophomore year. I'm pretty sure you don't know what I look like. I look like the picture above. Except a little less hair. I get to school and head in to meet my friend Kaden. "Hey, what's up?" He said. "Gotta go out of town after school today. Hopefully it's not boring like last time." I say as I'm walking to my locker. "Well, good  luck surviving your parents." he said. "Heh, thanks." I replied. We went to our classes for the rest of the school day and when I got back home we left immediately.

We stop at a Walmart and when we come out we get mugged. He holds up a pistol and threatens to shoot my mom. He pulls the trigger and I get in front of my mom and I close my eyes. I open them up and feel something in my hand. The bullet. I suddenly start heading toward him at super speed. I start attacking him at full force and he gets knocked back into another car. I turn my head towards my parents. "What... just happened?" I ask in shock. "He's learning his powers." My mom whispers to my dad. I heard what she said. "Powers?" I ask.

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