Exceeding Expectations

When a city girl gets kicked out of their parents house after dropping out of college she and her best friend have to try to make it in the big city world on their own struggling with finding jobs and new romances


1. Hayden

College was never my thing,I never had no care for it,neither did my best friend.I was only going for my parents they want me to be a lawyer ugh.They don't know I even dropped out.I grew up with a very competitive family,they all also went to law school,which means I had to.If my parents ever found out they wouldn't give me money for the apartment I'm sharing with my best friend and my boyfriend Xander.So basically while my my friends enjoy the college life I'm stuck in my apartment alone watching netflix,I  don't really mind expect it gets lonely time to from time again,but ey you have to make do with it.I want to be a photographer,I like to capture the beauty of life not people,but the world its self,one picture at a time.Wow I sound like a mad hippie!When I told my mom that I wanted to go to college for photography she said she would cut me off and,"When life gives you lemons you make lemonade,but no one said it was going to be sweet."

 Xander an d I have been going steady for three years give or take.I met him senior year of high school.The way he picked me up was he was going to use the line,"Do you want to know what my shirts made of?Boyfriend material."but he knew I was expecting that so what he actually said was,"Want to know what my shirts made of?Cotton.Hi my names Xander"He smiled at me and took a swig of his beer.This all happened at a party at this rich girls house.All I could do when I heard that was laugh.The way his blue eyes and his white shiny teeth looked at me I new I loved him right that moment.

I first met Riley back in 8th grade I didn't really like her at first because she was a girly girl and I wasn't,but I was able to change her,well a little.We started to hang out and we were friends ever since.Riley wanted to go to a college  in New York,mind you we live in Indiana,I wanted to get as far away as possible,but start a life I never wanted or ditch one and be with my friends?Plus I wouldn't have met Xander.My parents weren't thrilled about going to New York,but I can be very persuasive.

I'm going to be applying at a photography place,but for the application I have to summit some of my work.....which I don't have because I don't have enough money for a camera.My parents only send me enough for my tuition,but I'm saving up for a college for photography if I'm going to be a professional.Hopefully when I get into that college I can borrow a camera from them to take pictures.

Oh ya I forgot to mention,me and Riley look so much a like we're mistaken for twins.We both have brown hair with blonde tips and we both have brown eyes.Though our personality's aren't the same.For starters we do not have the same taste in guys,I like brunettes with blue eyes.I'm not gonna lie she has hooked me up wit h a lot of cute guys,but I,I found my Xander.

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