Between Birth And Death

The journey between birth and death has its purpose to be fulfilled in harmony with the universe but with detachment with out any anticipation and bond.


1. Between Birth And Death

Between birth and death

life from gross to subtle

a journey in totality

unique for each and everyone.


Life weaves a fabric of patterns

experiences color in different shades

a deep impact on mind and heart

events escalate the search for  soul.


Almighty as passive as ever

exists in peace and purity

His Lady as powerful as ever

energetic in cosmic dance.


As life rises from infinity

and slips back again

wise masters gave `Mantra Of Life`



A pearl of wisdom relevant to our life

destroyer of delusion

a blow to the excessive values

we cherish in our heart for our attachments.


We get lost in the maze of life

and miss its very essence;

we are parts of divine whole

that very spirit going through human life-

 not the other way.


The Truth we seek lies within;

our search for divine self;

body through perception,

mind with feeling,

intellect with judgment.








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