lukey and I

Caissie and Michael met on the first day of school and after they fell in love........ but were afraid to tell each other.


1. The first day of school

I was standing outside on the first day of school and this guy ran into me.

"'I'm sorry for bumping into you. Let me help" He said

"Its okay, it's my fault i wasn't watching where i was going" I answered

"Sorry again for running into you. Well i had better get off to class" He said

"Well it was nice bumping into you" I said

"See ya" He said

He walked away and i walked to class.

When i got to class i saw him sitting by a empty seat. I decided to go and sit with him because there was no other seats.

"Hey are you not the girl i bumped into like 5 minutes ago?" He said

"Yeah, i am. By the way my name is Caissie, what's yours?" 

"Michael, but you can call me Mikey" He said

Okay cool his name is Mikey. Not that hard to remember.

The bell rang for lunch and we went and sat at a table with our lunches and talked.One of my friends from last year came and sat with us.

"Mikey this is my friend Leah" I say

"Cool. My name's Michael but i prefer Mikey."

Just then one of Mikey's friends came down the hallway and sat with us.

"Caissie and Leah this is my friend Luke" He said

As the bell rang for class Mikey asked if he could walk me to class.

---End of day---


The next day i was  hanging out with Leah and but it felt weird cause i had not seen Mikey or Luke around so i went looking for them. Then  i saw that they had been beat up when i found them so i ran over to Luke and asked him who did this to him and he said this guy came up to them .Then told then to stay away from me and then my light bulb flashed and i knew who it was it was Kevin my ex-boyfriend he ever since then for some reason he still thinks that we are still to gether he doesn't get that i have moved on .also  that i have like Luke. I am tried of him thinking we are together.


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