A Tale of Two Girls

This book is set in an other world. In Shoilden, they have all the 16 year olds make their own way to the capitol, and depending on how close your town is to the capitol, that determines how long you have to get there. Each Testie gets a bow and a dozen arrows, a compass, and a bag of food. For Elizabell, she has almost made her way to the capital before, many times, so she knows the quickest route, and the dangerous spots. But the real fun begins once she reaches the capital, and she learns, all is not as it appears.


1. Prologue

It was a cold and windy night in the winter, when the physician came to the King, and told him:

"You have two new children, both girls." The King had an agreement with the rulers in the neighboring country, that he would have an heir, that was either male or female, and the next girl would be sent to neighboring ruler for a wife for his son.

"Send the younger one to the Jel-Drown village, to the Fittle family." The King to the physician.

"What shoul we name her?"

"Name her Eliziabell."

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