This is a story about a girl named Jaycee she has to live away from her brother michael clifford but what happens when she falls in love with calum who hates her guts


1. Intro

Jaycee`s P.O.V

Hi i`m Jaycee and I live in America away from my brother Michael Clifford

He UM well he bacame famous in their band 5sos or Five Seconds Of Summer

I mean I have Not Seen Him in Like 12 years and im a year younger than him

there on there rowyso Tour and they are coming to nevada were I live by my self

because out grandma died 2 years ago he thinks shes alive

Im going to try to find him though because I miss him LOADS

And I sorta want to meet Calum even though he has a girl

which to mention was my EX best friend and she tried to drug me yea

But anywho hope they let me see my bro if he remebers me I mean

it has been 12 years!


Michaels P.O.V

CALUM!! I yell

what the heack do u want Michael Im skyping Reanna!! Calum yells back

I heard that my sister lives out here and that shes coming to see us remeber Jaycee??? I ask Calum

Call u back babe love u!! Coming calum said


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