''Valey of the butterflies''

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  • Published: 18 Jul 2015
  • Updated: 18 Jul 2015
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An Indigo smart young girl with Italian roots dreams to be cool like the other girls. But destiny already made her a special butterfly.


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      Butterflies are probably the most tender and beautiful creatures but often in our lives we don't notice them or ignore them. Butterflies may seem insignificant and small but they are here on this planet to teach us see the small things and being good people.


                                                                                                   . . .


-Don't you care,honey!-you are the smartest of them all

-Who cares I'm clever,mum?-replied sadly Carlotta- Nowadays, it's not cool to be educated! It's just cool to be cool and have cool clique.

-I guess the party is over-thought out loud Carlotta's mother and only saw her teen daughter going inside the house while the cool friends from Carlotta's school were cramming into a taxi,probably heading to the newest disco club in town.

As usually Carlotta- a young lady with Italian roots,bright,with fantastic prospects for the future, wasn't invited to party with the cool folks. According to all global school rules clever students are not allowed to mingle/not mentioning partying/ with the cool gang. The brainiacs should know their place and Carlotta was no exception to that strict rule.


. . .


Carlotta was more than just clever and pretty. She was Indigo girl. No one but her family knew it. Carlotta was so unique and unusual that others were just so ignorant to understand her. Carlotta had insecurities, provoked mainly about the mean words of the others. She thought she was being cursed of being clever. Carlotta wanted only for a week to be cool like the other girls, not clever. Every time her frenemies were around, the Italian-American high-school girl felt frail and insignificant. Like a butterfly.


. . .


The same night Carlotta had a very intuitive dream. She dreamed she was on a throne,surrounded by thousands of butterflies who were tickling her with wings but suddenly someone open a window and they all flew away.


. . .


The next day, Carlotta was haunted by the dream while going to school. There, among her frenemies, the main topic was the new disco bar ''Gargoyle'' and the cool male dancers in it. The Italian-American high-schooler couldn't still fathom how shallow and narrow-minded the other girls can be and why the whole school makes a buzz 'bout some bar.


                                                                                        . . .


Carlotta went to the female lavatory and there met two of the cool girls.

-Look who the wind brought us, Mia!

-If this isn't nerdy-learney, Miss Carlottttta!-exclaimed sneeringly Sinead

-Scram, you, niminy-piminy bimbos!-snapped Carlotta who although wishes to be cool, couldn't stand creatures like Mia and Sinead

-I see you're darn jealous of us-said Mia firmly.

-It's not worth it arguing with her,Mia,added Sinead- this imitation of a girl is like some crazy butterfly!

-I? Butterfly? Oh, thank you, brats for finding me pretty!

-No,cut Sinead short-you are just so insignificant and fragile that no one cares about you. Just like a butterfly

-Yeah, they live shortly and then die!-added with a smile of cruelty Mia-added

-I, I'm...not- Carlotta couldn't continue talking and facing the mean girls no more. She left the school in the middle of the classes. The Italian-American Indigo girl though deeply hurt,resisted not to cry. In a snap moment while running with mixed feelings from the school edifice,Carlotta stumbled and fell on the concrete roadway. Unconscious.


                                                                                       . . .


  During the long several hours of unconsciousness, Carlotta had again a vision with butterflies. This time they didn't disappear but covered the girl like a tender veil and spoke in one voice''You are our queen!''

The Italian-American girl woke in a hospital and saw your mother by the bed. The next thing Carlotta saw were all children from her class,even Mia and Sinead. They all found out she is an Indigo girl. Mia and Sinead gave her a T-shirt,imprinted with butterflies and expressed their apologies.

-You are the most beautiful butterfly, dear!-said proudly her mother with tears of happiness in the eyes.


                                                                                         . . .


Now Carlotta is famous biologist. A special butterfly who cares for all creatures like a caring queen mother.

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