Finding Lucia



1. Chapter One


As she hurriedly walked down the ivory white stairs,Eve was worried. She had just heard a cry of a baby, and if she wasn't mistaken,it was from the doorstep of their house in the village.

With her husband Gary following her, both were confused.Why would a baby be outside in the middle of the night? Or if someone was with the baby, they could've knocked on the door.

The old couple were surprised the minute they laid eyes on the doorstep. There was an infant looking like only six months old,only in its snowsuit and wrapped in a thick tickled-pink cloth.

"Oh dear." Was the only thing that came out from Eve's mouth as she bowed down to take the baby out from the doormat.

Eve faced her husband. 

"Why would someone leave a baby? Especially in this hour? " Gary asked.

"Look at her,she's shivering and pale." Eve noticed.

"We need to bring her to the doctor." Gary said.

Both hurriedly went inside and got themselves ready with the baby.They came back outside and got into their pickup truck, then drove to the nearest hospital.

The Carndovels waited,sitting on the cold benches along the hallway for someone to attend them. A doctor approached the old couple and took the baby.When he came back, he had a relieved face.

"How is the baby doing?" Eve asked as she stood up.

"She'll be fine." The doctor replied, handing the sleeping infant to Eve's arms.

"Thank you." The couple said as they fled.





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