Forever and yet never

Raelynn skys was in a 10 year relationship before she moves to Sydney Australia can she find love in her new town.With the help of her new friends maybe


1. The beginning of something new


I could hear my mother yelling from downstairs

"We're gonna miss the flight!!"hurry!!!"

"Mom calm down im ready lets go..."

Hi im Raelynn im 17 years of age and i have grey eyes dark brown hair and semi pale skin...people call me rae my mom is making me move to Sydney, Australia and since long distance relationships never last i had to break up with my boyfriend of 10 years and i would much rather be in be crying watching high school musical and eating ice cream but my bed and tv are already at the new house with my new step dad and his son. Their last name is Clifford i think so yay i get to spend 10ish hours on a plane! But i had to move across country and get a new house and family!

"Ugh! Mom please let me stay" im crying my eyes out, i miss logan

"Oh honey i know leaving logan, the house, becky and steph behind is hard but your going to love Australia."

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