The System

The System is the futuristic version of the USA and Kesi Keys lives there, in the Technology Circuit, or a town. Kesi has a dream of moving to Biker in her choosing ceremony, shared with only a few people. So when she finally does move, there is a big tangle of romance, escape, adventure, and heartbreak set aside for her. Can she survive knowing that the only person she loves is the one person that could end her? Can she live with the knowledge that she put her best friends in danger?


1. Prologue

 My name is Kesi and I live in the System. My circuit is Technology. But the circuit I am going to live in is the biker circuit. Where there are clubs to dance at, skating ramps to be skated on. And, of course, motorcycles to be ridden by this bad girl. My name actually means trouble, and I love it. My friends call me Kess though. The only school in the System is at the center circuit called the Hub. It’s where everyone is born, where the government tower is. But in my circuit, my dad is the manager of the Tech tower, or, as Drefan and I like to call it, the Geek tower. I never liked my circuit too much, my parents want me to become the owner of the Geek tower. Me? Kess the Troublemaker? No way Hosea. I am made to be in the in the Biker circuit, where trouble is at the heart and never in the mind. Where freedom is born!

There are five other circuits in the System other than Tech, Hub and Biker. There is Produce or Market, Zoo or Vet, Woodshop or Woodwork, Fabric or Cushions, and let’s not forget the Cinema or Acting. Most of the girls at my school want to go to Cinema. Me? Ahem, Troublemaker here.

The way we transport from Circuit to Circuit is by railroad hovercrafts. They have schedules for two different crafts. If you’re late for one, you get on the next one, everything works out. The way that we transport goods from the Produce Circuit is by horse drawn carriages that Produce borrowed from Zoo, to another hovercraft that transports it to the center of Produce, where the market runs. There, there are four different stands. Fruit, vegetables, wheat and grains, and sweets, like candy and chocolate. The System keeps everything healthy and perfect. We don’t use money nowadays. My Circuit gives away their technology. The Market doesn’t have people manning the stands, you take what you need and leave.

Oh, there is one last thing. One last Circuit. Prisoner or Crime. That’s the downside to living in Biker. If you steal from other people and get caught, you are sent to the Hub for judgment. Then, from there, you are either let go with a warning or sentenced to the Crime Circuit for as long as the Headmaster tells you to. If it’s just stealing, it varies depending on how much you steal. But if you are sentenced, it’s usually for a couple days. Murder? Most of the time its ten to twenty years.

My name is Kesi, I am seventeen going on eighteen and I’ll be living in Biker, where I will be free from most rules. Free from the burden of family.

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