What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


1. The Trip

"You're sure about this trip?" I asked as I held my phone to my ear. I had just finished packing up my suitcase for this two-month trip to the States. My good friend, Harry Styles urged me that I should join him on this business trip. He was the founder of H-Styles Foundation.

When I asked about his wife, Makenna Rose, he said that she had plans of her own and wouldn't be able to join him. I found this situation sketchy. I wondered if he had asked anyone else before asking me. Why this situation was sketchy? One: Harry and I had formally dated when I was in college; and two: I still have feelings for him that never left.

Harry was five years older than I was, and he had a business going when we dated. I was twenty at the time. Of all the guys I could've dated after the break up, I still clung on to the small hope that we would be together again. Obviously, I was wrong.

I don't understand why Harry would ask me. After all, Harry and I had talked to each other briefly since he met Makenna. "It will be fun. Trust me." I heard him chuckle on the other end. I rolled my eyes as I zipped up my suitcase and sighed. It's been four years, and I have an inclination that he's up to no good.

"You always say that." I told him. For the two long years I have dated Harry, we were pretty inseparable. We did become friends throughout our relationship, and I'm a bit grateful that we are. "I have never let you down before." He was right. He hasn't.

Something about Harry always made me believe that he was telling the truth. It's not like he's ever lied to me. I guess it was the fact that his voice has this calming effect that I cannot get over. His voice was so deep, but so sexy all at the same time.

Or maybe it's his green eyes and how they remind me of the day we took a walk in the park, and he surprised me with a picnic under the tall oak tree. When he smiles, he makes everything better. "I'll see you tomorrow at the airport." We both hung up and I sighed as I sat on the bed.

Is it wrong to have feelings for a guy whose married? Why can't I ever let him go? With others I have dated in the past, it was just so easy but him, damn he makes things difficult. I keep thinking that it's because he's not like the other guys in this world.

He's sweet, caring, genuine, and I'm in love with him. Too bad that all we'll ever be is friends and only friends. I will never forget about the times we've spent together, and the fact that I've had so much fun with him. All I know is that these two months are going to be interesting.

The next morning I arrived at the airport. Harry was standing outside waiting for me. Even though he was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans, he was still so sexy. "You sleep well last night love?" He asked me as we both entered the airport to check-in.

I remember he used to call me 'love' all the time. It gave me butterflies in my stomach, made my knees weak, and made my heart race a hundred times faster. I nodded in reply, but it wasn't true. I was up all night just thinking about spending two months alone... with Harry. "If you didn't, you could sleep on the plane." He added with a smile as we checked our bags in.

We proceeded to our gate where we sat down in the waiting area. One thing I dislike about airports: the waiting time. "You seem anxious." He reached over and touched my hand gently, but I pulled away. I told him that I was fine and stood to walk around for a bit before they announced it was time to board our plane.

Our first stop was New York City and we were ending our trip in Los Angeles. Finally we were called to board the plane and sat down in our seats. The plane touched down in New York and we went over to the baggage claim to pick up our suitcases.

We were soon picked up and taken to the hotel where we would be staying for the first two weeks. As we entered the hotel room, I noticed that there was only one bed. It was a queen sized bed and I glanced over at Harry as he brought in the suitcases.

"We're sharing a bed apparently." I said and took out my phone to call my parents that I had a safe flight. The assumed that I was in the States for a business trip as well, but they didn't know that I was with Harry. My parents loved Harry and were disappointed to hear about the break up.

"You act like there's something wrong with that." he said. I hung up the phone after talking with my parents. Of course there was something wrong with that. We had one bed and he was the married one. "Wouldn't Makenna be jealous?" I asked.

"Mak won't know. I could sleep on the floor if you want." he told me. I nodded slowly and looked down at my hands. He went over and sat down on the bed beside me. "Are you alright? If anything's bothering you-"

"Nothing is bothering me Harry. I'm fine." I'm just trying to get over the fact that you're married and I can't stop loving you. He nodded and his phone rang. He stood and stepped into the bathroom.

Makenna must be calling him to check in. I was still tired and jet lagged from the trip that I felt like taking a nap. I stood and opened my suitcase. I took off my clothes and set them on the chair. It was then I realized I didn't back any pajamas.

I bit my lip gently as I glanced over at Harry's suitcase. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I put on one of his shirts. I unzipped his suitcase and picked out his white Rolling Stones t-shirt. I put in on and climbed into bed.

I had fallen asleep by the time Harry had come out of the bathroom. Once I awoke, Harry was lying in bed beside me with his eyes clothes and wore no shirt. The covers were covering his bottom half, so that only his chest was exposed.

I admired his chest for a brief moment, seeing various tattoos and went to take a shower. The warm water ran over my body, across my shoulders and down my back. It felt so good after being on that long plane ride. At least now I can think.

My mind was so cluttered, distracted from everything that has happened so far. Lately I've been looking at things so negatively and should look at the positives like: this could be a fun trip. I get to see places that I've always dreamed of seeing, even though Harry has to drag me along.

This could be one hell of an adventure if I choose to make it that way, and I shall.

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