The Little Things

This is for the little things that make me laugh, cry and get me through the day.


1. The Little Things


I wasn't going to enter this competition originally, but something happened today that made me want to write it down and this was the best way I could think of doing it. In novels the focus is generally some great hero or some great event. We all want to live those kind of lives because we think that then our life will be worth something - worth living. But I believe that it is the little things that make life worth living. I am not writing this for those who would read it but for myself so that I can remember the little things when life is hard, as it so often is.

I am notoriously bad at writing diaries and have dozens of notebooks with a couple of days entries. As a result, I have decided to treat this like a novel with a title for each chapter and one event in each chapter. Therefore, I may write several chapters describing one day or else one chapter to describe a week. I don't care about spelling or grammar mistakes as the purpose of a diary is not to be perfect but to relish the imperfections in every day life. I don't want to speak to my readers too much but I might anyway. There are no rules for this diary.

I view Movellas as an imaginary world such as one in a novel. It is a place where no one knows me and I do not know them. They don't know my history so cannot judge me on my past. And as I cannot see their faces or speak to them in voice, they are not real. Movellas is my world and it is what I make it. I speak to who I want, discuss what I want, read what I want and write what I want. It is where I go to be alone in a crowd. It calms me. And now it shall keep my story.

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