IOU a coffee

Molly Hooper thinks she has finally met the one. The question is, is it true love?


1. Jim from IT

26th March, 2010

I literally cannot believe what just happened to me! 
I know it's three o'clock in the morning and I really, really should be thinking about sleeping but I just had to write this down. Only today I was moping over Sherlock and thinking I was going to turn into some lonely, crazy cat lady, but now that's all changed. In your face Mr I'm-too-stuck-up-to-care-about-you! Molly Hooper has got herself a date!

So I was hanging around in the lab, surfing the web at about 12pm or something and I got an email saying I'd finally had a comment on my new blog! I'm not that serious about the blogging but I was bored and tired so I decided to have a look. Anyway, this guy called Jim wanted to know if I was the lady with the nose. I know! So random.

It turns out that he’s working the night shift in the IT dept, and guess what? He thinks I have a cute nose! I didn’t reply for a second and then he commented to ask if I was ok because I'd gone quiet. Sherlock has never asked if I'm ok, not even once. And suddenly this guy appears from out of the blue who I think might even fancy me a little bit.

I kept chatting and within a few minutes he'd invited me out for coffee! I couldn't believe it! Me and Jim going out for coffee! Obviously I agreed and we decided to meet in the canteen.

I went down to the canteen and it was pretty much deserted apart from this one guy sitting on his own by the window. He was busy texting but immediately looked up as soon as I entered the room and beamed. He seemed genuinely happy to see me! And I was very happy to see him…

This may sound stupid and childish, but Jim from IT is adorable. He is just so hot!! He's got these huge, brown puppy-dog eyes and he does this cute thing where he sometimes sticks his tongue out a tiny bit between sentences. I'm serious, he actually looks like a puppy. He also has just a little bit of stubble which I find very attractive and he seems to take good care of himself – he has great eyebrows. I could go on, but you get the point!

Anyway, he stood up to greet me and waved his hands in the air which made me laugh. When we went to sit down, he even pulled my chair out for me! And he paid for my coffee. He is such a gentleman.

He smelt of nice aftershave and was wearing jeans, white trainers and a grey t-shirt which came down in a low v-neck. He also had some sort of necklace on but the pendant was underneath his shirt. The conversation went a bit like this:

Jim: Hi! 
(His voice is this gorgeous Dublin drawl, really deep and honest-sounding.)
Me: Hi. 
J: So glad you could join me! Night shift can get soooo boring.
M: I know! I just have to sit around in the morgue or the lab, waiting desperately until I can go home.
J: How long are you here for?
M: Oh, I'm leaving around 2:30 today. They say I need to get more sleep!
J: Lucky! I've got to hang around till 7am.
M: Wow. That really sucks.

The whole time he just kept scanning my face and my clothes, but not in Sherlock’s creepy critical way, but more in a sense that he was interested in me. I hope! I mean, I think we really hit it off. The conversation was great and he is a fantastic listener. I told him about my new cat, Toby, and said he loved cats! *Massive bonus!!*

When we were drinking our coffee and laughing about how mean bosses can be, he suddenly flashed me a smile and opened his mouth in surprise.

M: What's wrong?
J: Nothing. It - it's just I can't get over how clever and pretty you are. I saw you in the corridor the other day and I just stopped dead in my tracks. And now I find out how lovely you are in person!

He actually said that! I couldn't believe it and weirdly, I felt a bit like crying. Nobody compliments me anymore and now, all of a sudden, Jim from IT turns up full of praise and affection.

M: That's so nice of you. You really think so?
J: Yeah, absolutely! 

I laughed and bit my bottom lip. I've tried subtle flirting before, only to be knocked down and ignored, so I generally stay away from it. But it felt right to return the compliment.

M: You have gorgeous eyes.

It was so cheesy!! I immediately regretted it and buried my face in my hands, laughing with embarrassment.

M: Sorry! That was awful. I'm so bad at this.
J: No, your not. (bashful, attractive smile. I swear he even started to blush.) Do you really like my eyes?
M: Yes! They're lovely.
J: Thank you. (He seemed really grateful.) No one really gives me compliments.

After that I was on a role. I told him everything I liked about him and he did the same to me! Then I told him about my likes and dislikes and he told me a few of his. We have so much in common! We both seem to like cats, shopping (apparently), Paris (he and I have both always wanted to travel there) and lazy TV nights with popcorn. But he hasn't seen Glee!!

M: What?! You haven't lived!
J: Is it really that good?
M: Yes! It's amazing! I have the whole series on box set!

There was a pause as he laughed and then I saw a flash of excitement in his eyes, like he was onto something.

J: Hey, maybe I could round to yours sometime and watch it!

My heart leapt with hope and anticipation and butterflies flew into my stomach.

M: Yeah – sure! Why not? That's a great idea!
J: Great. (He checked his watch.) Listen – I – um, I've got to go now, or my boss’ll go mad. But it's been really nice talking to you.
M: You too. Thanks for the coffee.
J: Anytime. See you tomorrow!

He walked me back to the lab and gave me a very small kiss on the cheek before winking and running off to IT. A kiss!! And he offered to buy me coffee anytime! I did an excited dance in the lab and accidentally knocked some Petri dishes over that Sherlock had left lying around. He always wants me to clean up after him.

But who cares about him right now! Sherlock has nothing to do with Jim and he is not going to spoil my chances. Jim likes me and I like him back. He seems like a really, really nice guy. And he's going to come round to mine and watch Glee! It's like a proper date and everything!

I can't wait to see Jim again- there's so much I want to ask him. I don't want to get my hopes up but it definitely feels like romance in the office! 

More updates tomorrow!

Molly x


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