Niall Horan and Sierra Green, last time we checked, hated each other till death. Not an exaggeration. But when somebody comes from another planet, Caldera, they need both Niall and Sierra's help, they need to learn to work together. Together, they experience a new life of a person everyday for 365 days to help them prepare.

Will they be able to do it, or will their hate for each other conquer?


1. Prologue


"Look. I promise you that none of this would ever happen, ok? You weren't supposed to get hurt because of this. I would never, in the whole eternity, hurt you, ok Sierra?" He had said this in my face, while I was on a hospital bed, after a stupid accident he claims he had nothing to do with.


"Ok, but don't make me regret this, Niall."


*Flashback ends*


That is almost the exact reason I now hate him. He promised me so many things. So many! But I only cared about one promise; the one where he said that he would never hurt me, in any way possible. And he broke that promise. *sigh* Every promise always gets broken for me. 

On the bright side, I live happily, without any problems, except of course, for stupid One Direction, the band Niall is in now. 

I walked outside, when I heard a bunch of ear piercing screams. Not like, "Oh my gosh, I'm being attacked by a mortal serial killer!" type scream, but like, "Oh my gosh! My idol is right there and I can follow without anybody keeping us away!" A fangirling scream. 

One Direction was heading straight my way. 

"Hey! Hey, please help us!" I think his name was Louis. yeah, that sounds about right.

I sighed, thinking about the pros and cons about letting Niall in my house. They could die, or my house could collapse. I sighed again, yelling,"Well, come on! Are you coming or not?" I opened the door, motioning them in, then locking the door securely.

Girls pounded the doors like maniacs. I quickly closed the curtains hanging above the doors. 

"Thanks, love,"Harry said.

Niall stares at me. "Sierra? I haven't seen you in so long,"

"I wonder why,"I spat sarcastically. He has the nerve to say that after what he did to me?

"Well. Nice to meet you, too," Liam says, holding out his hand. I simply roll my eyes.

"Feisty one, eh?" Zayn says. 

"What? No 'Oh my gosh! One Direction is in my house!' type reaction?" Harry says with hand motions. 

Ugh, boys. "No. I will not give you anything like that. I'm not stupid, you're stupid, self-centered, and think you're everything a girl wants. You're wrong," I spat to them. They looked at me with the stupidest look they could give me. 

"Sierra, can we talk?"Niall asked. I rolled my eyes, walking up the stairs. Niall followed.

"What do you want? You're here on a professional level, not a personal one. I don't want to talk to you. I know what you're really like behind that smile and face," I say, not making eye contact. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Niall's face change to nothing but sadness and regret. I felt a pang of guilt, but it was replaced by anger. "Look at me, Niall! I got over you. I got over us, whatever we were, and I'm not looking for anything to change my life now, without you. You hurt me so much. If I had done something, why couldn't you have told me? Instead of hurting me like that?" I finally looked up, and what I saw made me scared. 

Niall was emotionless, vulnerable, even. "I'm so sorry, Sierra. I wasn't supposed to do any of that. It wasn't your fault, it was mine.

"I shouldn't have left you the way I did, ok? But I have changed, and you can't rely on the past anymore to blame me," Niall said, walking towards me while I walked backwards until I hit the wall.

"I can't? So what you're saying Niall Horan, is that I can't blame you for the cause of my broken neck? My family's death? Huh?" I challenged right back at him.

He was about to answer when I smelled smoke, and ran downstairs until I found the boys in the kitchen, holding a fire extinguisher.

"Aaaahhhh! It's fire!" Louis screamed.

"No Louis, it's water. Of course it is fire!" I replied sarcastically, taking the extinguisher and taking the fire out myself. I didn't trust the man-child with a situation like this; I've heard ridiculous stories about his reactions.

I think he forgot the fans still surrounding the house, because he ran and opened the door screaming, screamed even louder when he saw the fans, and in a flash, the door was close again.

Dang, so many things can happen in an hour when One Direction is in your house, ya know?








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