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When God gives you six brothers, and a popular cheerleader out to get to you, all you can do is smile and face the light.


For as long as Bella can remember she's been friends with Matt Scott since kindergarten. So when the tenth year of highschool rolls around she's confused as to why an evil, popular, cheerleading queen named Amanda feels the need to butt in their friendship.

When Bella Taylor is the only one exposed to the evilness of Amanda, it becomes even harder to expose the real Amanda when she starts dating her brother, Mason.

Losing a brother and a friend who's being played by Amanda is the last thing she wants to do. Confused in the bunch of things makes everything so complicated. But that's what happens when your just being Bella.



1. one

I gazed at my six brothers.

"What Bella?" Mason asked, innocently, even though he was not innocent.

I pulled off my towel revaling my blue cheese covered hair. The dumb fools couldn't hold in their laughs, and started laughing at my misfortune. I whacked the closest one next to me with my towel which was Jacob.

"Oww, Bella I'm telling mom." He pouted, and stomped off to the kitchen. He's such a little baby, and I'm supposed to be the youngest Taylor in the household.

"Which one of you did it? It's the second week of school, must you do your dumb pranks?" I hollered and ran to the shower.

One of those idiots thought it would be much appreciated if I got my hair shampooed with blue cheese. It's always those stupid back to school pranks they decided to pull on me. I thought they wouldn't do it this year because their sixteen turning seventeen and going into eleventh grade. I, Bella Taylor shouldn't have thought for a mere second they wouldn't prank me like they do every school year.

I grabbed my Dove conditioner, which thankfully wasn't messed with. After scrubbing my blue cheese infected hair, I dressed in my yellow sundress, and white vans. My hair didn't smell much of the blue cheese anymore, so I put it in a partial ponytail.

I lived in a crazy household, my six brothers are sextuplets, and my older sister is in college so yeah I'm the only girl here right now.

Mason was oldest sextuplet, and the most sarcastic. It got annoying sometimes so you'll probably see me hitting or slapping him once in a while. But besides he's sarcasm, he's pretty funny sometimes.

Next was Jacob, he was cuddly, cute, and acted like a little baby most of the time. He was the most annoying because sometimes he's cuddly personality is really suffocating. Sometimes I'm in middle of hitting Mason, and he'll be trying to cuddle me.

Then there's Ethan, despite being the third oldest he's the most mature. He's got his life planned out to be an zoologist. And personally he's the most protective over me, a guy touches my arm, he's there to swat his arm away. I liked the protectiveness but sometimes it's really suffocating like Jacob's hugs.

Then my player brother Austin, well he's not really a player, maybe the ladies man. But despite his charming aura he doesn't try to hop into every girl's pants. You know what, he's like Prince Charming, and the only guy in the Taylor's house with a girlfriend matter of fact.

Daniel was our athletic little boy, he's in baseball, basketball, and football. And he still gets straight A's, just like our little zoologist, Ethan. But he's really down to earth and makes just about every girl soon over he's athletics. But sorry girls, he isn't looking for a girlfriend at the moment.

Then the sextuplet that's the second youngest, my little brother, Nathan. Just kidding, but I do call him my little brother. He's the little writer nerd in glasses, but don't get it twisted he's quite the looker. He's the president of the newspaper at our school, which people do love and read weekly. Weekly Hart High.

Yup and my sister well, she's for a different time.

"Seriously, guys I'm not going to hurt any of you I just wanna know who put the blue cheese in my shampoo. Because you owe me money, just so you know." I said, fixing myself some cereal.

"It wasn't me, yet you still hit me." Jacob whined.

"Whatever Jacob, you were the closest one next to me. Besides I know it wasn't you this time, I think it's you Mason. First one to ask 'What's wrong' " I glared at him.

He smirked and winked at me. "So what if it was? You don't have any proof."

"Okay, guys everyone chill out. Bella, I'll buy you new shampoo." Ethan said. I jumped up from the table and hugged him.

"Group hug." Jacob yelled out, and went to hug us. You can't hug anyone without Jacob feeling the need to join in.

"Everyone get off me." Ethan said. Me and Jacob detached ourselves from him and hugged each other. Ethan is really scary when he's mad, no one wanted to see that side of him.

"Hey, rugrats aren't you supposed to be at school?" Mom said, walking in. I looked at the time, seven-forty. We've been to school much later.

"Alright who's driving your awesome sister to school today?" I asked, and smiled hugely. The boys didn't have their own car each. It was only Ethan and Nathan. Because they acted way more mature than all of us. I guess that's fair, besides I only have my permit, considering I'm turning sixteen in October.

"Okay, so I'll take Bella and Daniel. You take Jacob, Mason, and Austin." Nathan said, splitting us up.

"Let's go star player and little bro." I said, heading towards the door.

"Be good today sextuplets and Bella." Mom yelled after us.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." We said, simultaneously.

"Hey, Matt what's been up with your weekend." I asked, opening my locker. Which he happened to be waiting at.

"Nothing much really, just thinking about how I would love to join the football team." He said.

"Are you any good? I've seen you play baseball but never football." I asked.

"Way to be supportive, Bella." He said, faking he's feelings being hurt.

"Sorry, Matt." I smiled lightly. "If you make the team I'll be at every game."

"Really? That's so sweet of you Bella." He smiled back.

"Whoa there, Matt. I'm already gonna be at every football game anyways. You know Daniel's making the team. He's been making the football team since middle school."

"True true." He's eyes scanned over my outfit. "When did you become so girly?"

"I've been a girl since I was born. Just because I'm a wearing a dress you ask that question?" I start to fake cry, and that catches Ethan's attention.

"What did you do to my sister?" He says, causing Matt to cower in fear. I laugh and grab ahold of Ethan because I was laughing so hard.

"It's okay, Ethan. I just wanted you to scare Matt." I hug him quickly.

"Way to use your brothers to scare me." Matt complained. I shrug and he glares at me.

"But seriously bro, hurt or say anything hurtful about my sister and you'll be hurting." Ethan warned, before leaving us alone.

The bell rang and I sighed, honestly I'm already tired of school and it's only been one week of it. I clung onto Matt.

"Carry me, please."

He huffed and started carrying me bridal style. Even when mad at me, he still loves me enough to fulfill my requests. People gave us really weird looks as we walked down the hall. This isn't the first time he's carried me to class, so surely they've seen this before.

"Mrs and Mr Scott, please stop having better relationship goals than me and my husband." My teacher, Mrs May joked.

Everyone at school had it under this impression that Matt and me were a thing, even the staff and teachers! Can't a girl be friends with a boy, this was not this complicated in kindergarten. But nevertheless, I didn't dream of not being friends with him just because that.

Matt put me down, and we took our seats. Jacob, like always, pinched my cheeks on the way to his seat. Which I really wish I could slap him for, but I really couldn't because of the teacher watching everyone's move.

Mrs May droned on about something, and I yawned and put my head on Matt's shoulder. Before I even knew what was happening, I was rudely awoken to someone's ruler slapping on my desk repeatedly.

"Matt stop." I thumped his head.

"It isn't me." He said.

I froze and looked up to meet Mrs May eyes. I waved and straightened up in my seat. "Hey, so what's been up?"

"The only thing that's up is that you have detention. See you after school, Bella." She raised her eyebrows.

"Guess you will." I sighed, and thought about my precious afternoon that would now be spent at school serving detention.

My first chapter of Being Bella. Hope you guys are liking the characters. I didn't know why, but I love Jacob's character out of all of the sextuplets. Maybe that's me being biased, or either I just made a really lovable character.

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