The "cute" nerd


1. Intro

Hi!! name is Indianna but everybody calls me Indi. I'm 17 years old and love music!! People say I'm "dark" and "mysterious" but all I see is a band fanatic to be honest!!..I'm still in high school and I have a best friend named Riley.

As my alarm clock went off(blasting All the small things-Blink-182-DUH!!) I quickly rolled out of bed and jumped into the shower. After my shower I walked into my room to get dressed, today was a really beautiful day so i decided on a "live til' tomorrow" crop top with black high-waisted shorts and my black converses. I then blow dry and straighten my long fire ombre hair and add a black bandana to cover up the fly aways. I went downstairs, picked up my bag, and went to my car. It was 7:45 and I had to be at school by 8:00 and it took about ten mu ties to get there so I had some time to set up my music!!..I put on green day-I miss you(all time favorite!) As I made my way to the school, I parked my car and had gotten out. I walked to school and to my locker.

My locker is 304, right above 306..MICHAEL CLIFFORD'S locker. So yes people think I'm " mysterious" but I'm actually quite popular!!..Michael is in my English class(of course my favorite) and that's how I pretty much know his name.


Today is Wednesday, not a bad day but not a great day!!..I was just kinda happy I still have English to lean on!! I entered the English classroom, I noticed Michael had dyed his hair black and I'm not gonna lie..he looks..cute..with his glasses and hair it's just so!!..stop!!..get it together!!..ewh why would you think like that!!..

Later through the period I noticed my name on the board(since I wasn't paying attention..I didn't know what it was for!!) I walked up I saw.."PAIRS FOR THE PROJECT..EXCHANGE NUMBERS AND START TO WORK ON IT THIS WEEKEND!!"..and you better believe partner..the one and only..Michael Clifford..

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