This Movella is care free. That means when ever I am bored or feel like writing in this book when ever I want. If I get comments telling me to update I may take more interest, and write every week. I hope you enjoy.

Dave, Mark, help Kate runaway from home. The only problem is, they can't help her without running away themselves. But, things change and Dave and Mark agree. While there staying at a hotel they here a rumour that there's a dimension that gives you anything you want. If you get a dimension shot, you can go any dimension you want. They seek to find it, only to start there adventure. In the end, do they find it? Or get caught in the act? Read to find out.


1. Prolouge

 I stared, awestruck, at what was staring right back. A portal. And I didn't have a choice of to jump in. It was an order told by the back of my mind. "Hurry! Jump!" Kat screamed from around the corner. Her steel toed boots pounding on the gravel. My heart was thumping hard and sweat trickled down my forehead. Something was waiting for me at the other end, but it must be better then being chased by murders. And my family. Just as Kat and Mark rounded the corner with the gang tailing behind, I jumped in. I landed on grass. Kat and Mark fell out after and Mark hit my head with his and I felt light headed. I didn't care though. At least THEY weren't there. So I let darkness take over.



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