The Investigator

The investigator investigate the town. But theres no sign of the killer
19 people dies in this town so we investigate Again again
So find out whos the killer in the town!


1. Going to work!



Late one night, Rick gets a telephone call from an old professor. Rick is now in his living room watching the news channel. He hears the telephone and gets up to answer it.

"Hello?" He says once he picks up the phone.

"Hello Rick. Its your old professor. We need you to go into town. There's a murder mystery going on. They said they found the killer but they don't know where he is." His professor told him.

"Ok professor, I'll go into town and investigate." Rick said.

Rick then goes and gets changed into his black shirt, black jacket, dark blue jeans, and sneakers. He grabs his keys, phone, flashlight, and notepad with him. He gets into his car and drives into town to meet with the professor.

"Hey professor. So, give me the details of what we're doing." Rick said as he walked with the professor.

"Ok, we dont know for sure about the killer's whereabouts, but im taking a few guards with us." The professor said.


Rick nods and follows the guards and the professor. "I know that the killer shows up at night time, but why is he not here?" Ric asks. The professor shrugs and keeps walking. 

They walk for a couple more minutes when a guard walks up to Rick and the professor, "We found a footprint."

Rick nods and then they see a couple more footprints that lead to an old abandoned cottage.

They slowly and quietly walk up to the door of the cottage and when they go to open it, the door slightly opens. It was already unlocked.

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