Alone, Cold, Scared

Darkness is only the start, when light dies within ones heart


1. Alone, Cold, Scared

You look at me all wrong.
I am not weak,
My heart is strong,
Even though it misses a beat,
At the continuous thought,
That no matter how much I gave or fought.
I feel as though I failed,
Clipped wings and I fell.
It is not hard to tell,
That I need to get up off my knees and stand,
To learn and understand.
Instead of shedding tears,
Swallowed by my own fears.

Only that is but a wish out of reach.

There is something that always weighs over my heart,
Something that was not there from the start.
It continues to build, it grows.
That pain that no one sees, hidden, no one knows,
They walk past without a care or glance,
Lost in their thoughts, frozen trance.
Nothing matters but the world that surrounds them alone,
Look past others to leave them to fight on their own.
Presence unknown,
Lack of love shown.
Alone. Cold scared,
Knowing there is no one that cared.

So I walk.
In a world where no sound is heard, no one to talk.
Silence met with darkness as black as night,
With no source of light.
My own subconscious mind,
Mute and closed off, no longer there to find,
Loneliness, isolation.
A fight lost, a soul forgotten, no remorse,
No angels to rejoice.
When all comes to an end and all is lost,
At what cost?
Questions unanswered, no one was there when the night was filled with cries,
And the heart no longer tries,
To reach out for comfort or warmth.
Turned to cold and ice,
No goodbye.
No sobs of why.
When I can no longer feel.
No chance to heal.

Alone, Cold, scared.

Maybe my heart is not strong.
You were right.
I was wrong.

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