Brothers Best Friend, is this Love?

It's a twisted love story... *Cover by Brynna S/S WS*


1. Meeting the Boys

Hello guys, my name is Darcy James Payne.  I am 17 years old,I have long brown hair, a nose ring and a rose tattoo on my ankle. My brother is   Liam Payne he  is a year older then me.   Oh, and did I metion  he is part of a big boy band one direction that girls fangirl  over .......



Darcy's POV

Ugh. I hate Mondays at least its summer, I got out of  bed  walked to my bathroom  and looked to the mirror. I looked like the walking dead. I took a shower got dressed in black  skinny jeans and a greenday shirt.  I walked down stairs and into the kitchen to grab some bacon.  I ate it as  I walked into the leaving room to turn on the TV.   I watched the boys interview and  got board after  30 minutes of it. I grabed my phone and texted my best friend  Jade  and ask her  if she wants to go to the mall . She text back and  said yes.  I grabbed my pruse  and jacket . Yes, I know it summer but in in England  its cold and rainy.  I grabed my keys  and shut off the telly  before I go I text my brother and tell him where I'm going. He says OK .  I walked out of the house  locked the door went to my car started it  drove to the mall I meet Jade at  the food court . We went to Fover 21  as soon as I got in. My phone beeped and  I looked at it . It was my brother, he said  he was at the mall with the other boys . I said  ok  we will   meet you in  20 minutes.  I grabbed a leather jacket and payed for it  . It was 29 dollars.  Then, Jade and I were off to meet the boys.

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