Life as we knew

A group of friends are planning what to do over summer break it goes all wrong with unexpected things what's going to happen when there summer break goes all wrong


1. summer break

We were planning our summer break at lunch it was our last day of school


We were leaving school and Luke was with her sister yesenia to see if the twanged to go eat with the rest of the boys"yeah"they all said excitedly"ok let's go eat at canes"yesenia said


"I'm going to go order"Luke said as he got up calum and Anahi were dating,also Ashton and Miranda and yesenia and Michael were dating too the only two who were single were like and Estefany,they didn't knew each other,then we went to yesenia's and Luke's house

Yesenia's brothers band(5sos)were playing in the basement for their next concert all the girls went to the basement they were playing don't stop Miranda started kissing Ashton everyone stared at them"she want your dick"yesenia said we all started laughing"wanna go see a movie"Luke said we all went upstairs running the girls wanted to watch a romantic movie we all screamed"The Notebook!!! Yesenia even ordered pizza


The door bell rang"the pizza is here"yesenia screamed we all went to eat pizza we all went the pool all the girls went to yesenia's room and changed to a bikini , Anahi had a polka dot bikini on,Miranda wore a bright neon bikini top and black bikini bottom ,yesenia wore a halter bikini top and white bikini bottoms and Estefany wore a strapless red bikini top and a black bikini bottom

We all went down stairs and found the boys shirts on the couch we all went outside and found them on the pool"hey babe"Michael said to yesenia looking up and down at her and Ashton and Miranda as we got to the pool we all went to kiss our boyfriends and Estefany and Luke were the only ones not kissing yesenia came over and said"Luke kiss her"she said Estefany was blushing"you know you want to kiss him Anahi said out of nowhere Luke kissed Estefany we went out of the pool and are pizza"you look very sexy"Ashton said to Miranda they went upstairs to the guest room and Anahi and calum left it was only Estefany,Luke. yesenia,and Michael they went to the pool again and left Estefany and Luke were in the living room"would you be my girlfriend"Luke asked"yes"Estefany said"hey Luke"Estefany said"yes babe"Luke asked"where's Miranda and Ashton"Estefany asked"are they?.... Umm having sex"Luke asked"I don't know lets go see"Estefany said and as they were going up the stairs they heard moaning Estefany and Luke went to get yesenia and Michael and told them to go upstairs and see what Miranda and Ashton were doing as they were going yesenia and Michael heard "ASHTON"as a moan and then stopped they went downstairs with their hair messed up"Miranda what's that white thing by your mouth"yesenia asked"shit"Miranda said"what"yesenia asked"I didn't use protection"Miranda said"WTF"yesenia said"at lest your dick got sucked"Michael said to Ashton then yesenia started laughing


Yesenia got a text from Miranda saying~I think I'm pregnant ~from Miranda ,yesenia called Michael"Michael I need you to come over"yesenia said"ok I'll be there in ten minutes"Michael said


Michael knocked yesenia's door "hey"yesenia said"I need you to take to Miranda's "yesenia said"ok let's go"Michael said


We knocked Miranda's door and Miranda opened the door"is any of you going to tell me what's going on"Michael asked"Miranda's pregnant"yesenia said"what? Does Ashton know Michael said confused"not but can you do me a favor"Miranda said"yeah Michael said"call Ashton and tell him to come over"Miranda said"do you want us to stay"yesenia said"no I need some time alone"Miranda said


"So babe when are we going to have a baby"Michael asked really seductively"not till I'm 20 years old"yesenia said"come on"Michael said insisting to have a baby"why not at the age of 17"Michael asked"first of all Luke will kill me and second my mom would go crazy on me"yesenia said"at least she won't kick you out if she does you can live with me"Michael said"I'll think about it"yesenia said"please I'm going to be a good father"Michael said begging"OMY FUCKING GOD MICHAEL ILL THINK ABOUT IT"yesenia said screaming on top of her Lungs


Ashton was coming over how am I going to tell him I heard a knock I opened the door it was Ashton"hey babe"Ashton said"h....hey"Miranda said"so why did Michael call me"Ashton asked"because I'm.....pregnant"Miranda said while looking down sobbing

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