My Online Relationship

I met a boy online. He was my perfect match except I didn't know if he was real.. This is my online relationship.


1. Chapter 1

unknown: hey babe

me: um who is this?

unknown: ashton. ashton irwin

me: haha yeah right. dont lie

​"ashton": im not lying

me: send a pic

"ashton": *picture message*

me: that picture is all over the place

me: take a picture with you holding a piece of paper that has "hi peyton" on it

"ashton": so your name is peyton huh?

me: thats beside tthe point. now do it

"ashton": i cant right now. i have to go on stage and i dont have a pen and piece of paper. ill do it tomorrow love. bye. 

me: fine. bye "ashton."

"ashton": dont be like that peyton

me: dont you have a concert to attend?

"ashton": are you going to tell me good luck?

me: hmm let me think

"ashton": ...

me: nah

"ashton" r00d

me: i live forfor being rude

"ashton": meanie :p




hey guys. this is my first fanfic. it is based on what happened to me.. anyways it will mostly be in text conversations until they meet which wont be for a while..

tell me how it please! im open to ideas on ways to make it better. 


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