Muggles Read Dailey Prophets

Hermione cousin find out who she is through a stinking newspaper!


1. Finding Out one-Shots

Muggles Read Daily prophet 


  It started on a crazy hot summer day where Julianne Virgo Wilkins was sipping on a latte from Starbucks. Her father was filthy rich so she was stuck-up naturally.

 Bored she let her eye roam around Starbuck landing at bushy brown girl. That girl reminded her not-good-for-nothing-bucktooth-bushyhair-cousin.

 She smirk she hasn't changed. Certain that was her cousin Hermione she walk toward the girl table. Suddenly the girl took out her phone and frowning left the table.

  Leaving the newspaper and her order of coffee.

  Stump that she walk here for nothing she decided to read the newspaper as she hasn't read it in the morning. What she wasn't expecting was moving pictures.


  She scream that everybody turn to look at her. the girl was not around. Julianne look sheepish at the attention away from her.

 She decided to read the Daily Prophet stating The-Boy-Who-Live Had Live Again she read through it all and surprising the girl hasn't show up.

 She found out two things (1. Wizards Are real and Death-Eater and who-must-not-be-named are evil. 2) Harry Potter is famous and most shocking of all is the last conclusion 3) Hermione fudging Granger is famous and A witch.

 Her fucking cousin is famous and A WITCH!!
That when the girl-in-question return. julian family came coming towards her when hermione came in. 

They all stop (The family not the entire population at Starbuck) 

"What are you doing," Hermione ask in a deadly tone. She notice her cousin holding the newspaper. Fuck, should have brought it with me! 

"you're a w-w-wi-tch h-Hermione," Crap they know. the rest of the family look at her confusedly and like she A MADMAN! 
"Yes i am," she sighed "Let me Re-introduced Myself i'm Hermione Jean Granger a muggle-born Witch and Brightest Witch my Age and heroine of the Hogwarts Battle,"

 She explain what happen. pureblood hating Muggles&Muggleborn and what 'Muggle' and 'mudblood' meant.

She told of her adventure of Hogwarts since First year. And explain what and how Hogwarts works. 

That how hermione's mom side of the family knew she was a witch.

A man with platinum blonde hair and baby blue gay eyes walk in standing tall with confidence. Draco Bloody Malfoy walk in and was now walking towards them. 

 "hey hermione." Her   cousin swoon at the sight of him causing her to roll her eyes. "Great draco," smirking to herself she peck her on his lip.

 "WHAT!? HERMIONE You're with him?" she nodded "well it great to see you again but i gotta go."

 With that they both left.

 READ THIS!!!!!!!!
 a\n; can someone do something similar to this cause i always wanted to know how hermione's muggle friend&Class and her family. Like her cousin etc. Please can't find one so i thought if they read mine then they'll do there own. BUT you have dedicate to me because i started it first. Thanks!!!!!

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